If you're struggling with the end of a relationship (by your own choice, or by someone else's choice), today let's reflect on the spiritual perspective that some relationships are in our lives for a season (defined period of time), others come for a specific reason (or multiple reasons!) and when that reason is complete the relationship may end, and others come for a lifetime.

Unfortunately, we don't always get to dictate which of our relationships are season, reason or lifetime. We can't control other people, we can't control the dynamic of energy between ourselves and others (we can INFLUENCE, but not “control”), and we can't interfere with the free will of others or with the natural unfolding of life around us.

However, we CAN manage our own selves – our energy, our authenticity, our conscious awareness, and how we process any pain and difficulty in life. Taking a higher perspective isn't always easy when we are in anguish about a relationship, but nevertheless if you are willing to pause and reflect, it's possible you can find a little more peace for yourself.

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