There's almost no situation in life where this mantra is not applicable. It offers so much value in 7 little words…

I am willing to see this differently…

The statement and the practical application of it, all on its own, a life changing practice.

The mantra is particularly helpful for:

  • rising above issues/people/situations, for higher perspective and empowerment, when you've been getting frustrated.
  • resetting yourself if you're feeling unclear about how to achieve a goal, and you've been caught up in your mind about it.
  • tapping into your intuition when you're feeling blocked by doubts, fears and anxiety.

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2 thoughts on “Mantra “I am Willing to See This Differently”

  1. Florenta says:

    Good evening Bernadette,
    I am watching you from South-Eastern Europe, and I want to thank you for these words “I am willing to see this differently”. Currently, I am crossing the most sad period of my life, so I will use your suggested mantra.

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