6 Practical, Game-Changing Tips for Creating Genuine Self Belief

If you're in need of more self belief, here are 6 powerful tips to boost you.

These are practical and game-changing ways to generate genuine belief in yourself and create lasting transformation inside, so you can radiate confidence out into the world.

So let's get started!

How to Boost Your Self Belief

1. Take Ownership for Being the One to Lift Yourself Up

The self-belief you want MUST come from within you.

One of the greatest lessons we learn in life is stop looking to the world around us to feed our need for self-belief, for confidence, for validation or approval.

On our journey we learn that:

  • We're the only ones who can reliably and sustainably give ourselves what we need in this regard
  • We DO have what it takes to boost ourselves up
  • We DON'T need to rely on others for it (because sometimes they might help us and other times they might not!)

Remember – No matter how much praise you get from the outside world, no matter how supportive people are, the GENUINE sense of self belief you want is always generated inside of you, by you.

Tell yourself repeatedly…

“I give myself what I most need.”

2. You Are Not Missing Anything, You Have Everything You Need IN You Right Now

You might be thinking, “Well, if my self belief has to come from me, and I don't feel at all capable of giving that to myself, where the heck does that leave me?”

IF that is where you're at, then it means 100% that you've misperceived who you really are.

You're relating to yourself as someone who is:

  • Incapable
  • Missing something
  • Lacking power

The truth is this…

  • You are more capable than you even know
  • You are not missing ANYTHING
  • You have power

BUT – you may have been asleep to these facts, and not yet tapped into or experienced these things about yourself.

Your entire view of yourself is based on your mindset. If you don't have self belief, it comes down to your mindset.

If you've been conditioned over your lifetime into a set of limiting beliefs that say you're not powerful, you're not strong and you're not capable, then of course you don't see yourself that way, and of course you're lacking self belief.

And you're not alone. So many people end up with a mindset that causes lack of self belief.

That's because we get conditioned from the day we're born. Our minds are constantly being influenced by:

  • Our upbringing (how we were raised, what we were told and shown)
  • Our education (what we were taught, how we were taught, and by who)
  • What we've been exposed to (all the things we've observed, and how we interpreted them)
  • The experiences we've had (things we've done, things others have done to us)

We then formulate a paradigm (a model of reality) about who we are, who other people are, and how the world operates, based on all of that.

Most often our paradigm gets led astray! Instead of knowing how powerful we are, we accidentally end up with all sorts of unhelpful things in our paradigm, which feel like a fog which clouds us in. We pick up…

  • Limiting beliefs
  • Fears
  • Warped expectations
  • Societal norms

As a result of all of that, we're no longer connected to the truth of who we were born as.

Sometimes we don't even know who we are!

We're so clouded by all this baggage we pick up along the journey in life, that we can't see things clearly. We can't see OURSELVES clearly.

And so it's always mightily refreshing when you can finally cut through the fog of all of that “stuff” you've picked up, which made you feel less than, incapable, missing something or powerless, and instead you realize…

You have everything you need inside of you already, and you always have!

… sounds a little bit like Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz, right?! Well, there's a heck of a lot of life wisdom in stories like that!

A lesson we're all here to learn on this life journey… “You've always had the power WITHIN…”

3. Your Power is Always There, It Might Just be Dormant

You have a personal power, strength and capability built into every cell of your body, pervading your energy field, and it's been there since the day you were born. Your journey in life is to REMEMBER this and start to feel it, and use it.

If you have self belief, it's because you've remembered that power inside, and you've tapped into. Self belief means your personal power is awake and active!

If you don't believe in yourself and you don't feel powerful, then it's NOT because you're missing anything. It's NOT because there is no personal power in you. It's in EVERYONE. It's just that your inbuilt personal power is laying dormant below the fog of a limiting paradigm, waiting for you to ignite it. See below for how do that!

4. Wake Up the Power & Self Belief That's Already IN You by the Way You Speak to Yourself

Your mind, body, spirit and energy field RESPOND to the way you speak to yourself.

You can wake up your dormant capability, personal power and self belief through strong, positive self talk.

If you're caught in negative self-talk, it will RAPIDLY deflate your self belief.

If you engage is consistent, repetitive and powerful self-talk, it will ignite and expand your self belief.

30 DAY CHALLENGE – Practice positive “I AM” affirmations on a daily basis, repeating inherent truths about who you really are, to wake up your inbuilt personal power, strength and capability. And if you really want to boost the effectiveness of this process, say your “I AM” affirmations out loud while looking at yourself in the mirror…

Remember the truth – the power is IN you, it might just be dormant.

When you speak of the truth, you energetically ignite it.

‘Three things cannot be long hidden – the sun, the moon & the truth' – Buddha

5. Interrupt Negative Thoughts That Drain Self Belief

In addition to a proactive daily ritual of strong, positive self-talk (accelerating your self belief), we also need to interrupt negative thinking that arises (to remove this handbrake).

It's critical that you:

  • Notice when those negative thoughts arise
  • Interrupt them and state confidently, “THAT IS NOT TRUE”
  • Redirect your mind to a higher quality thought e.g. A self belief boosting “I AM” affirmation (see above).

6. Praise Yourself Often

Get into the mode of praising yourself whenever and wherever you can.

Praise yourself for anything and everything.

Ditch any notion that it's self centred or egotistical to praise yourself.

We're not talking about blowing your own trumpet from the mountain top for OTHER PEOPLE to hear.

This is about self-praise to yourself, in your own world inside your mind and heart.

It is NOT egotistical to remind yourself of WHO YOU REALLY ARE.

It is NOT self centred to celebrate yourself and boost yourself up.

You are speaking truth.

Don't rely on the world around you to boost you up. Give yourself what you most need. Self-belief & confidence is an inside job.

With love, Bernadette

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