• Dealing with a difficult person at work? A colleague, staff member, a client or a service provider?
  • Feeling uneasy around someone in your family or social network?
  • Is there a person who gets on your nerves, seems to bait you, who doesn't understand you, and it feels to you like their job on this planet is to irritate and frustrate you?

Your energy is influencing other people, irrespective of what you say and do. Just your very “being” has a vibration which others are unconsciously sensing and being affected by. As it is for them, so it is for you.

As we go about our day to day lives, our energy is constantly intersecting with everyone else.

When you notice relationships or situations at work or at home that do not feel good to you, where challenge or unease exists, and you want to create a shift, THE SHIFT STARTS WITHIN YOU.

In this video below, I guide you with practical examples on how powerful your own energy is, and how to more consciously position your energy in order to bring calm to a situation or relationship.

Plus, find out how energy clearing of spaces can affect the people who live and work there, how you can sense the events in a room well after the fact because of the energy left behind, and what we can learn from animal experts like Cesar Millan (the Dog Whisperer) who have tuned into the enormous impact our personal energy has on the ones we love (pets and humans alike!)

  • What energy are you bringing to those you live with?
  • What energy are you bringing into your workplace?
  • Are you entering each situation from your natural calm state, thus allowing the situation to most positively unfold, or are you entering certain situations already on-edge, on-guard, judgmental or uneasy?
  • And, most importantly, is your personal energy HELPING you to move through issues, or HINDERING you and perpetuating the issue?

With love, Bernadette

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2 Responses

  1. Hi Remaining calm was my natural state I use to to calm and happy I have been down on my self for not having it all together now though Ive been through a lot of changes with death, relationships and partner ill health. I am sorry to say I react now where once I would have held it together. If someone spoke unkind about my family I did not stand up for them things changed and I began to speak up when it happened and the people would stop and I feel it was right to stand up .Is this not ok to calmly support your family member where someone is bagging them

    1. Hi there, it’s definitely powerful to calmly and confidently support a family member. The greatest guide for when to act and how to act, is one’s own intuition. Trust yourself, and remember… it’s human to feel intense emotions, and particularly it can be challenging when under pressure, suffering loss etc Be loving to yourself, we’re all human, and the fact you care enough to reflect on this speaks volumes about who you are! Big love to you. Bernadette

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