Signs and Synchronicities – You Are Being Guided

In this coaching video below we cover the types of signs and synchronicities that you might be receiving (in fact some of these you are DEFINITELY receiving!).

By tuning in for this vid, you'll be more aware of the existing guidance showing up in your life, plus more open, ready and aware to receive the signs and synchronicities that cross your path in future…

This divine guidance we receive comes from that loving source to which we are connected, from and supported by. Depending on your faith, religion, spirituality or belief system, you may call this Divinity, God, Creator, the Universe, Source, Higher Power, Spirit, Guides/Team, Angels or by other beautiful names. Here in our community we honor ALL faiths, and if you notice language or terminology that doesn't resonate with you, simply switch it in your mind for the words you would naturally use.

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Signs and Synchronicities - You Are Being Guided

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2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the interesting information, Bernadette.
    For years, I’ve had song lyrics pop into my head and then churn over and over. I never took them for divine guidance, but considered them annoying, and so I used to always then play some other music to replace that “unwelcome” churning.
    This has happened hundreds of times in my life, and when you mentioned the songs in the video, I thought, “just imagine how much guidance I’ve dismissed throughout my life!”
    Thanks to your teaching, I now know better. Thank you!

    1. Hey! How interesting… well it will be awesome to see what unfolds for you as you tune into what those seemingly random lyrics are about, and whether they somehow relate in any way to what’s going on in your life at that moment, or how you’re feeling. Enjoy!! Bx

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