Together we’re going to dive into the exciting, mind blowing, awe inspiring topic of signs from the Universe. I'll show you how YOU are being guided by these mysterious aspects of life.

So, let’s get started!

It's both helpful and completely inspiring to see how signs and synchronicities occur with REAL LIFE examples. It makes it so much easier to grasp than talking about it theoretically.

4 Real Examples of Signs from the Universe

So below are 4 pivotal personal examples that I felt drawn to share with you today, about how signs and synchronicities guided me directly into awesome life changing experiences!

Signs + pay attention + take action + unfolding results =AWESOME!

I’ve been consciously aware of and deliberating following divine guidance for the past 11 years (since my “awakening” back in 2010), and have hundreds of examples of signs and synchronicities small and large, some of which I’ve shared in past videos, classes and in my books.

I've also received oodles of messages from people all over the world throughout the last decade sharing with me the beautiful signs and synchronicities they’ve had in their own lives!

NOTE – this is happening to EVERYONE. Not just me, not just some people. ALL OF US.

If you are alive, heart beating, breath taking, you are being guided. You are never excluded and you are never alone.

Notice below in these 4 examples of signs and synchronicities how SUBTLE these points of guidance are… how easily these could be ignored, overlooked, dismissed or missed.

And yet instead by paying attention and making small choices how beautifully guidance can open up massive opportunities and blessed changes in the trajectory of our lives!

1. Signs & Synchronicities for Career & Abundance

Context – At this time I was unsatisfied with my work and unsure of “what next”.

Situation – One weekend I was on a flight going to an event with my sister. When the plane landed and people started standing up to disembark, just a few rows in front of me my old boss from many years ago stood up, turned around and looked directly at me! I didn’t even know she was on the plane! She offered to drive me from the airport into the city, and to stop at her place first for a drink to catch up properly. I said yes.

Synchronicity – Out of nowhere, she encouraged me to consider getting into the recruitment industry as a consultant, and said she thought I’d be really good at it.

Pay Attention – I’m unsatisfied with work, not sure what next, new possibility lands on my plate!

RESULT – That planted a seed. I ended up leaving my job at the time, going overseas for 8 months and when I came back I said yes to life, and joined my old boss in her company and had the most incredible 6 years in recruitment. It was the most formative time in my career. I had beautiful relationships, was financially abundant, and learned SO MANY skills that later supported me in the work I do now! Life set me up to unfold for the next phase.

2. Signs & Synchronicities for Love & Business Skills

Context – A job I loved was about to end due to organizational changes and I didn't know what to do next career wise. Plus simultaneously I was frustrated with dating the wrong guys, lonely and longing to find real love.

Situation – I was sitting at my work desk one day, deeply focused on a task and my phone rang. It was another old boss calling me.

Synchronicity – He asked me if I knew anyone who might be interested in being his Office Manager/Event Manager, because someone in his team was leaving. I was busy and quickly told him I didn’t know of anyone but I would keep an eye out for him. I put the phone down and kept typing away, rushing ahead to finish my tasks.

Pay Attention – My job was ending. And someone just called me about a job opening. It’s pretty obvious, but I almost missed it!

Too busy, I initially dismissed it and didn’t even for a second think it was for me. I was in a huge national company, and he had a really small entrepreneurial business, different work, different industry and… the salary was lower. But then I paused, and had the inspired thought… what if?

RESULT – I ended up interviewing, getting the job and learning SO MANY skills that would end up supporting me in my own business now. Plus… most importantly, someone ended up joining the team not longer after I started. That someone ended up becoming my husband. We met at this job and we’ve been inseparable for the last 17 years. He’s my soulmate and the love of my life!

3. Signs & Synchronicities for Beautiful Friendship

Context – I had followed my soul calling to start my own business, and had published my 1st book about following signs from the Universe. I also had an inner nudge to go to Hawaii, and felt called to write a 2nd book about my experiences following divine guidance.

Situation – An email arrived in my inbox. The message about about an event happening in Maui, Hawaii! There were a few presenters featured in the email and the photo of one speaker caught my attention. She looked so familiar, but… I’d never seen her before. Randomly I felt a crystal clear inner nudge to email her.

Synchronicity – I’d been feeling drawn to Hawaii. This email was about an event in Hawaii. I’d been writing about following guidance, and I was feeling this strong intuitive nudge to contact this random stranger. How much did I believe in intuition?

Pay Attention – Hawaii. Signs. Nudges. Email. Random photo feels familiar.

RESULT – I googled the woman in the photo. Emailed her. Explained this random unfolding. She replied and said she felt drawn to respond. Turns out we BOTH were huge avid followers of signs from the Universe, we had lots in common and we ended up connecting on Skype. It was like meeting a soul sister, a cherished friend from some lifetime before perhaps! It felt like I had known her forever. I went to Hawaii, wrote my 2nd book there, and I met this beautiful soul in person, and we’ve been very close friends ever since! She is my soul guide, a mentor, a friend and one of the most important connections I’ve made in my life. We have since crossed paths in person in Spain and Italy, and we chat online every month to support each other on this ride of life!

4. Signs & Synchronicities for Connecting with Soul/Life Purpose

Context – I was in a great career, where everything on paper looked AMAZING. And I felt an undeniable void inside. I knew at a deep level “this isn’t it”. I was afraid of change, but I was also afraid of not changing and being stuck. Catch 22!

Situation – I got bombarded with every imaginable type of sign possible about 2 key words/themes. a) HEALING and b) LEADERSHIP. Neither of which felt appealing to me. I didn’t know what to do about either of these signs. Both seemed random. I was resistant.

Synchronicity – I’d been questioning myself, my work, my life, my purpose, this void and wanting answers. And life was undeniably speaking to me with these relentless undeniable signs.

Pay Attention – Looking for change, signs are showing up, desiring more meaning, a way is being shown…

RESULT – I followed those signs and my life flipped upside down! I trained in energy healing. I moved internally within my company and took on a leadership role. I further explored coaching and healing together. I then left my career and started my own business, and grew this into a global platform, where I now provide leadership in healing our minds and lives, aligning to our souls. I stepped into what I now realize was a huge part of my own soul plan and purpose, with total freedom, flexibility and fulfillment of the type I had always hoped was possible. And the signs guided me to it!

How Are You Being Guided?

Signs and synchronicities happen for all of us.
Not every day. But when they arise, are we paying attention?

In this coaching video below we cover types of signs that you might be receiving (in fact some of these you are DEFINITELY receiving!).

By tuning in for this vid, you'll be more aware of the existing guidance showing up in your life, plus more open, ready and aware to receive the signs and synchronicities that cross your path in future.

Just noticing and pondering the meaning and possibility in what we think might be divine guidance, is SO exciting.

Sometimes it's clear and obvious we are being guided!

Sometimes it's not, and we ponder, wonder and overanalyze…
Is this is a sign?!
What does it mean?!

Sometimes we don't realize until much later that a small and subtle moment on our journey was in fact divine order at play, and the cogs in this giant Universe had us where we needed to be, at the moment we needed to be there

Free Resources for How to Live in Flow with Signs & Synchronicities

Below are 3 free resources which have been popular over the years to show you HOW to live in flow with signs and synchronicities, to courageously live a SOUL ALIGNED life…

1. How & Why the Universe is Sending You Signs

This 28 minute coaching session has been streamed over 650,000 times. And has resulted in over 1000 comments from people sharing the meaningful signs and synchronicities they have experienced. This out pouring of personal experiences just goes to show how inspiring this part of our life journey is!

2. There is Divine Order in Your Life

This 5 minute coaching vlog encourages you to remember there IS divine order and timing in life. We don't control the speed at which the Universe, God, Creator, Higher Power, Source moves… so to live in flow and to live soul aligned is to practice patience, grace and surrender.

3. Universal Flow – 7 Keys to Enjoying Signs, Synchronicities & Slipstream

This 2 hour online class with 7 page downloadable PDF guide will take you step by step through how to get out of your own way and align with universal flow. Including:

  • The 2 self-sabotaging tendencies people have which block flow but actually masquerade as “being a good person” or “doing the right thing”.
  • The 1 big misperception people have about living in the flow, so you can free yourself now through a paradigm shift.
  • The 7 keys to enjoying life with signs, synchronicities and slipstream.

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Tuning into Signs from the Universe

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