Dating can be as challenging as it is fun. You’re on the lookout for signs he’s the one or she’s the one for you.

You’re trying to make assessments often based on a limited set of information you’ve learned about them so far. And even when you’ve been in a relationship with someone for a little while, you’re still getting to know each other and seeing how you “gel” together, uncovering new things about each other. Even if you’re having fun in the moment, you might spend time wondering if this person has the potential for the long-term status of Mr or Mrs Right.

Are they really “the one”? The BIG question. The question loaded so with much pressure!

Check out this resource below, which suggests 4 signs that the person you’re with might right for you.

Do you agree? Do some points resonate as being worthy criteria for a Mr or Mrs Right?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

4 Signs He's the One #thedailypositive #relationships
Source credit: The Wedding Band Shop

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