What Your Sleeping Position Says About Your Personality. Crazy.

Over the past 25 years, physiologists have proven how our sleeping position can teach us a lot about our personality. For me, I am a blend between The Log and The Soldier.

These six positions can tells us anything from how we handle anger and stress to how happy, healthy, and personable we can be.

What's your sleeping position? Was it not listed? If so, give it a new name and let me know in the comments below.

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28 Responses

  1. On my stomach with one arm straight atmy side and the other bent or both arms bent under my chest.

  2. I am starfish, a yearner and a free faller … on the free faller though, I tuck my arms underneath my thighs with palms of my hands facing up (re: to keep warm). What does that position mean?

  3. the crane: sleeping on the back with one foot against the other knee. Hands are like starfish or on the belly

  4. Since having my daughter, I tend to sleep in the yearner and the log. Before I had my daughter I was a fetal, freefaller, and starfish sleeper. Crazy how having a child can change the way you sleep.

  5. My favorite is sleeping on my stomach with one leg straight and the other pulled up towards my belly button. I also do this when sleeping on my side.

  6. Sleep on my forearms face in my pillow… Legs out straight… Pretty odd! Almost like an army crawl

  7. My boyfriend is a solider sleeper, my daughter is a starfish sleeper LOL she’s a great listener for a four year old. And me I’m a bit of both the fetal position sleeper and the one where she’s reaching out like. It’s a neat video

  8. Okay so like, every night i find my self laying on my stomach with one leg straight and one with my knee bent almost touching my face. One arm is bone straight between my legs and the other is curled on top of my back. What the hell is that? It’s literally the only posorion i ever take and i cant fall sleep if im in any other position. My boyfriend makes fun of me all the time

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