You might have noticed that the world is ripe and ready to tell you who you “should” be – putting social expectations upon you.

From the people who love and care for you most, giving you advice, molding you with best intentions and love through your upbringing. Through to the schooling system and other institutions, that guide you to become the type of person who experiences success, according to the mainstream guidelines. Through to advertising, corporations, mass media, and social media all throwing messages at you daily that shape an image of what good, successful and happy looks like.

If you are not awake, it's easy to get lost in the myriad of messages, advice and support, and forget who you actually are!

The more you tune out of the external messaging and stimulation, to find quiet gaps for reflecting on & for yourself, tuning into your intuition, the more you will feel able to fully be yourself and shine like the star you are.

How to Free Yourself of Social Expectations

With love, Bernadette

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2 thoughts on “How to Free Yourself of Social Expectations

  1. Louann says:

    This has been a very dark and heavy burden for most of my life. Always living to meet other people’s expectations-even complete strangers. I felt if I tried harder, and did more and helped more that people would find value in me and treat me like a real human being. It failed miserably but I couldn’t see that because of the way I was approaching it and thinking about it and allowing it to affect me so deeply inside negatively. Looking back now, it seems like I was just finding ways to prove to myself that I didn’t deserve respect or appreciation or value as a person. I would wake up each day clearly not realizing I was self sabotaging my soul by looking for ways to minimize and devalue myself by jumping through hoops to matter to others. Your wisdom is deeply appreciated and I am so thankful and grateful that you share your gifts and love of truth in reaching out to help others. Your echoes are truly endless in reaching hearts and souls. You have genuinely made a difference in the world. Peace love and blessings to you Miss B.

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