People! Can't live with them, can't live without them!

That person who frustrates you, who isn't meeting your expectations… they disappoint you and leave you saying over and over, “Why can't they just _______!”

It's time for you to take a whole new perspective in dealing with this, to stand back and assess the situation from a new angle… in a way that can transform the present and future potential, and depth of your relationship.

This applies to any type of relationship – be it intimate relationships, family, friend or workplace relationships.

Warmest wishes, Bernadette

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7 thoughts on “Someone Not Living Up to Your Relationship Expectations?

  1. Angel-a says:

    … in other words: if we quit judgement towards ourselves and towards others- our relationships can transform in miraculous ways.

  2. srucara says:

    Hi Bernadette, thank you for this wonderful video and all of your messages of truth. Do you have any advice for coping with experiences where our loved ones make self-destructive choices or engage in negative behaviors (i.e. addictions, distractions, etc.). How can we keep ourselves in peace, best support them, and help transform or heal the situation. Your guidance on this would be so much appreciated! Thank you : )

  3. srucara says:

    Thank you so much Bernadette! Your videos have been very helpful. It’s challenging but helpful to keep the right perspective on the mysterious unfolding of life and everyone’s paths. I look forward to connecting more deeply with my inner wisdom as I go through the current mind mastery program, which has been incredibly helpful by the way. You are brilliant! Thank you again. <3

  4. Linda says:

    If you must accept uncertainty, stop resisting the facts how do you know when you are making a good decision.. I am torn between my values and expectations. I know everyone is different and everyone is raised differently. However I believed everyone deserves love, respect, honesty, compassion, etc. how hard does one try to make relationship work. And aren’t both people supposed to put in some effort. Both being flexible,.

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