Sometimes Pain is the Price of Progress

It's not always easy to overcome challenges or achieve goals. Creating progress in our lives can sometimes be quite uncomfortable.

Rather than shy away from this, it's better that we learn to accept (or perhaps even embrace!) that pain is sometimes the price of progress…

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Sometimes Pain is the Price of Progress

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10 Responses

  1. The first thing I thought when you talked about the metafore with the trees was; but dead trees do serve a purpose! And then I thought; yeah but that’s not the point. The point is that in order to have something new, alive and perhaps better, you need to accept you could be uncomfortable for a period of time. Although I think most people are willing to have discomfort for a little while, I also think the deal-breaker is that it is often hard to estimate what period of time is necessary. To me (a person wired to project into the future and struggling to be in the now) that is the most difficult part of my journey. It all comes down to practicing surrender and trust in the universe. Your video’s keep me going thought. Thank you for that ?

    1. Hey Rebecca, yes I had the same thought initially… these dead trees serve a purpose, but then I realized they served a half-purpose of doing something but not really what was needed, and it certainly wasn’t honoring nature to leave dead trees there. They are now beautiful woodchips which will be laid under newborn baby trees to help them grow, as so their passing leads to contributing to new life coming in the cycle of nature. And, back to the real point… yes the discomfort is acceptable for most people for a short period, but when it comes to long term grit to get through things or achieve big goals, it becomes tougher! I know, I had years of grit and determination with discomfort to achieve some of my goals, and it was worth every second of it. I always like to consider what the alternative is… give up? Settle for less? Stay stuck? I find it a healthy challenge to see what I’m capable of.
      I appreciate your sharing your comments as they helped me to further reflect!

  2. In my life I injured my shoulder after months of pain it healed . I lost my stamina and after the pain I eat now for energy. Only top food to energize my body. Pain resulted in later being very healthy as a lifestyle.Dee

  3. It has been said, if no pain, there is no gain. I totally agree. I receive deep tissue,sports in dept thrashing pain relief, and I feel fantastic when my body rub is over. There r different area of the body that has unexplainable pain of existence so I explore the different of pain. Free for awhile. Look forward to my next move. Adele

    1. I love the way you said “I explore” the pain. There is much to be said for the idea of “feel to heal”. If we’re not willing to look at what pains us, how can we overcome it! Thanks for sharing Adele!

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