Soul Odyssey

See Your Life From The Bigger Picture Perspective Of Your Soul, So That You Can Make Sense of Your life, Reconnect to Your Soul's Plan & Purpose and Live it Fully!

 Have you been...

  • Pondering big questions about your life - e.g. who am I, what I am here for, what's my purpose, what will make me feel happy, what is life really about, why do things happen as they do, what is my highest potentiality and how do I live my best life?
  • Noticing an urge for more meaning and depth in your daily life?
  • Sensing you ARE here in life for a reason, but no idea what to do about that, because if there is a higher plan and purpose for your life, how on earth do you go about finding it?
  • Trying to make sense of the seeming randomness of life and the challenges you face?
  • Feeling a void within, that no amount of external things, experiences or achievements will fill?
  • Wanting to feel more safe, secure, certain and assured in this full-on and at times quite unpredictable world?
  • Wanting to experience consistent and solid faith, trust and peace in your life?
  • Aware that you've had glimpses of deeper meaning and purpose in your life, but... it's all a jumble of insights and pieces of a puzzle that you haven't been able to put together in a cohesive bigger picture?
  • Feeling unease or frustration that you "should" have figured this stuff out by now?
  • Noticing a curiosity to further explore the spiritual or faith dimension of your life in new or deeper ways?
  • Wanting to experience evidence that you're divinely created, supported and guided?
  • Wishing you had a map to help navigate your life so you could feel soul-aligned and on track?

 Missing a Big Part...

You will have heard many times the saying "mind, body, soul". These are 3 components of who we are.

You know your mind very well, because you experience it 24x7!

You see and experience your body every day.

But what about your soul?

We are SOUL FIRST, mind and body second. Yet, how well do we know our souls? And how aligned to our souls are we in our minds, in our choices and in our daily life?

Many of us aren't taught anything about the soul aspect of ourselves growing up. Society doesn't place a lot of weight or importance on it us connecting with our spirit.

We are left to navigate our lives without clarity and connection to a MASSIVE part of who we really are!

This can leave you FEELING like something is missing!

It comes across as a vague (or sometimes sharp) sense that either we’re missing some important key about life, we’re lacking in some way within ourselves, we’re missing meaning or purpose, we don’t feel complete, we don’t know who we are, or we're not entirely sure why we’re here or what we should be doing!

Think about this...

You're a soul and your life is a soul journey - a great epic adventure that your soul is here for, an Odyssey if you like... a Soul Odyssey!

But if you don't know that, and of course how could you, then life can be quite a confusing ride.

 A Confusing Journey

  • Imagine you're about to go on a journey, for example an adventurous trip or a big vacation...
  • You would usually have a plan of why you’re going right? You'd at least have a rough idea of where you’re going and what you might want to do on the journey. You'd have a plan and a purpose for going. 
  • You would also usually have some type of GPS, map and/or an itinerary to help you navigate your journey.
  • Living your life without any understanding of, connection to or alignment with your soul, is like waking up somewhere foreign with no idea where you are, what you're doing there or how to navigate. What might otherwise have been an exciting and inspiring adventure, can feel a bit nightmarish!

I’m not sure about you, but when I was born into life, arriving here for this epic Soul Odyssey, I was never given a manual for life! There was no GPS to help me navigate challenges or achieve goals and dreams, and I certainly didn’t receive an itinerary!

It’s like we pop into the world, soul first, mind and body second, but with no idea we are a soul or what our plan or purpose might be for this epic Soul Odyssey we’re on.

We’ve completely forgotten the plan, we’re asleep to the fact we’re even on an epic Soul Odyssey journey and then we’re left to figure out what our life is all about, and how to navigate this world!

And somehow we aim to make our way through this world to a higher level of awareness, peace, happiness and success, hopefully with a sense of purpose and meaning along the way.

Maybe you're like me and at times have wished you had a map or manual for life!

An Exciting Treasure Hunt

But what if there were clues that would point to why you're here in life on your epic Soul Odyssey...

  • What if there was a map, and navigational tools?
  • What if you’re on a great treasure hunt throughout your life, to discover these important gems – to make sense of life, to reconnect with and live your soul plan and purpose?
  • What if there is a bigger picture to your life and you could SEE it, align to it, live it, breathe it, embrace it and achieve it – reaching your highest potentiality on this journey?

It adds such depth of meaning and purpose, and creates such relief when we are able to piece together the puzzle of our life. Where before individual elements and stages when seen in isolation may not make sense, when pieced together and seen as one big picture, start to reveal something very meaningful, purposeful and powerful...

Imagine walking around in your daily life knowing you're a soul, knowing aspects of your soul plan and purpose, and being able to see your life through that lens, in that context, making sense of what is happening and directing your life accordingly.

Imagine that no matter what comes your way unexpectedly, and no matter what you want to achieve positively in your life, you SEE IT THROUGH THE EYES OF YOUR SOUL, YOU SEE HOW IT FITS TO SOME DEGREE WITH A HIGHER PLAN FOR YOUR LIFE.

Imagine that you’re able to see beyond the surface layer of life, the level at which most people see and operate, and you’re able to bring divine sight to situations. That you would know there is a spiritual process unfolding below the events of your life - whether it's what you're doing, what others are doing, expected or unexpected, good, bad or otherwise.

To live this way, to live our life like the epic Soul Odyssey it is, to make sense of life and to reconnect to aspects of your soul plan and purpose, requires standing back and looking at yourself and life from a new perspective.

I spent 9 years passionately exploring what I call the Soul Odyssey and I saw for myself that I had gone through and was going through very specific marked stages, which were major components of life and being human, AND that also held deep soul significance.

I saw these stages reflected to me not only in the events of my life but revealed in other sources of soul wisdom. I then saw that these same stages of the Soul Odyssey were also playing out for other people I knew personally and clients I was coaching.

What I discovered on my deep dive into all things soul and spirituality helped me make sense of life and reconnected me with key parts of my soul plan and purpose - in a completely life changing way.

After my own first hand experience and long journey to understand the Soul Odyssey, along with years of Transformation Life Coaching helping people individually with their own faith, spirituality and soul understanding, I felt compelled to create a program to pour all of that understanding into one place - one map, one framework for...

Making Sense of Your Life & Reconnecting with Your Soul Plan and Purpose

  • When you look at your life on the surface it may not make sense.
  • You may not get answers to the BIG questions about your life.
  • You may not see purpose or meaning.
  • But when you look at it more deeply, something powerful and startling emerges...
  • You are a soul, here on a journey.
  • That journey is called your Soul Odyssey.
  • When you look at your life as the Soul Odyssey it is, 3 things happen...
  • You're able to make sense of your life.
  • You're able to reconnect to your soul's plan and purpose.
  • You're able to align to that purpose and live it fully.

You Absolutely Can…

  • Understand your life from a soul perspective, connecting the dots where the bigger picture of life makes more sense.
  • Reconnect with key aspects of your soul's unique plan and purpose for coming forth into life - learning, healing and growth areas (soul lessons) and contribution areas (purpose and potentiality).
  • Experience a deeper conscious alignment with the soul you are, feeling complete in yourself and on track in your life.
  • Feel connected to all of life around you, relating to other people, situations, challenges and opportunities through the eyes of your soul.
  • Know that life is actually supporting you to evolve to your highest potentiality.
  • Be inspired to live each day with purpose, knowing you're on an epic Soul Odyssey.
  • Live from perspectives that bring greater faith, trust and peace, no matter what is going on around you - where you don't buy into drama and instead look for true meaning and purpose below the surface layer events of life.
  • See, align to and embrace the spiritual unfolding that is taking place in your life.
  • Courageously, boldly and passionately do soul-aligned things with your life that light you up and light up the world around you!

So... enter through the door to a New World, the reality you were born to see but first you need the key. Grab your ticket, pick up the map and take this Soul Odyssey journey with me!

Soul Odyssey

11 Week Online Program

See Your Life From The Bigger Picture Perspective Of Your Soul So That You Can

Make Sense Of Your Life,
Reconnect To Your Soul's Plan and Purpose
& Live It Fully!

Soul Odyssey Program

With Bernadette Logue – Transformation Life Coach

"Soul Odyssey" - an 11 stage journey that our souls take, having this human being experience called life.

Through this online program you will be guided through a framework of the 11 stages of the Soul Odyssey. You will be shown how the Soul Odyssey plays out in your human life experience, and how to put together the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle to see the bigger picture of YOUR life from this soul perspective. It will help you to make sense of life and reconnect to key aspects of your soul's plan and purpose.

Mapped out in this program, we cover from the very 1st stage when your soul chose to come into life with a plan and purpose, before you were born, all the way through your life journey as a soul having a human being experience, to the very final stage of life (the return to soul side or spirit side). 

For each of the 11 stages we cover the keys to understanding and optimizing those stages, helping you to live into your highest potentiality.

Soul Odyssey is a training program for spiritual development and personal growth that:

  • Honors and respects all faith, spirituality and belief systems.
  • Is delivered as a storytelling experience to help point you to your own truth, taking you on a journey of seeing yourself and your life in a new way, from the perspective of your soul.
  • Is laid out in a map and framework as a linear A-Z journey for learning purposes.
  • Is intended to caretake and comfort you, to help you learn, heal, grow, contribute and transcend.
  • Can be applied to see past, present and future stages of your life in new light.

The Soul Odyssey Program

  • An 11-CHAPTER online training program, with lifetime access to all resources.
  • With a core focus on making sense of your life from a soul perspective and reconnecting to your soul's plan and purpose.
  • Each chapter builds upon the last, sequentially guiding you through the 11 stages of the Soul Odyssey and how to use this understanding to see your life differently and to live with purpose.
  • Released to you over a 11 week period (1 chapter per week, for optimal focus to integrate the insights step-by-step).
  • Each weekly chapter of the program contains (a) on-demand training in both video and audio format on a particular stage of the Soul Odyssey, (b) Soul Keystone audios (themes, keys and truths that provide stability for your journey through life), (c) PDF resources to apply the training to your unique situation. 
  • Offers you complete flexibility to enjoy the program at your own pace, and to revisit it any time you wish.


Additional Coaching Tips and Q&A to Leverage Your Journey

QA Replays

Get additional coaching tips and insights in each week of the program, with on-demand Q&A session replays in video and audio format to utilize in your own time (recordings of past Soul Odyssey program QA classes, averaging 1-2 hours duration each week).



Katie, USA

Soul Odyssey Graduate

I had worked with traditional therapies in the past with some results but B has such a special way of helping connecting the dots for me and understanding how to navigate my personal journey. The Soul Odyssey program was such an amazing, enlightening and gentle journey of self discovery. 

Bernadette has a beautiful way of connecting with her clients and for me personally she helped me remember who I really am, for that I am forever grateful for her. I truly believe Bernadette is a gift to anyone who crosses her path. After working with her I truly feel she gifted me with discovering my very own navigational system I use every day. Very grateful!


Samantha, USA

Soul Odyssey Graduate

I’m so happy I decided to join the Soul Odyssey program! I have taken other courses with B and they were super helpful, so I knew I had to try this. I was not prepared for the transformation that occurred while going through this process.

I’ve always felt like something was missing from my self help journey. Now I know it was this.

Certain challenges in life cannot be solved by the logic of the mind, and I have old wounds that are buried deeper than I thought. Thanks to Soul Odyssey I now have many more tools to aid my healing journey, and I already feel so much better than before the program.

I feel like I really know myself now, and have a fresh outlook on my life that helps the ups and downs make so much more sense. Thank you B for this amazing, eye opening opportunity!

The 11 Chapters of Your Soul Odyssey

Souls Journey

Chapter 1 - Pre Birth Planning

Before we are born, our souls choose to come for this lifetime. There is a plan for coming - there is reason and purpose (including for learning, healing, growth and contribution). You have purpose, your life has purpose. In this chapter we explore this pre-birth planning stage of the Soul Odyssey and how it supports us to go forth into life with the plan that will aid our greatest evolution and highest potentiality.


Chapter 2 - Arrival & Separation

When we are born, arriving into this world, it's like we fall asleep into a dream and forget that we're souls here on an epic journey, and we forget what we have come for! We also experience what is called "The Separation". In this chapter we shed light on this stage of the Soul Odyssey, to wake up inside the dream and how to heal the sense of separation.


Chapter 3 - Conditioning

As we grow up we try to make sense of who we are, how we fit in and how to be safe and successful. Our minds are constantly seeking to understand and "making meaning" of what we see, hear and experience. We pick up all sorts of conditioned beliefs , some that work for us and some that most definitely don't. In this chapter we talk about finding your true sense of belonging, safety and success, and linkages between prominent limiting mind conditioning and soul lessons.


Chapter 4 - Challenges

Throughout our life journey we face challenges - of all shapes and sizes. Challenges play a very important part in our Soul Odyssey and in this chapter we dive into the types of challenges, how to face these from a soul perspective, and how challenges link to soul lessons.


Chapter 5 - The Call

At key points in our life journey we receive The Call, a stirring to wake up inside "the dream". This can come about from an inner prompt or from an outer prompt. In this chapter we explore the types of wake up calls, the timing of these on our life path, how we can have multiple wake up moments, plus helpful things to remember (side effects, requesting help to wake up, flow on changes that occur).


Chapter 6 - Reconnection/Rebirth

Following a wake up, we experience our own unique versions of reconnection or what may be called rebirth. This is where we go to a higher level of understanding and connection with the soul we are and with the Source/Higher Power that supports us. In this chapter we talk about key indicators of this stage, the dying away of old aspects of self or life that do not serve and the birth of new aspects, healing, living a soul led vs mind led life and soothing reminders for this stage.


Chapter 7 - Creating & Conscious Living

With renewed connection to who we really are and the Source/Higher Power that supports us, we awaken our inner power to create our lives in whatever ways excite and inspire us! We choose to live consciously and deliberately aligned to our souls, to create our goals and dreams, and realize we are fully supported to do so! In this chapter we talk about maximising manifesting and creative potential and how to co-create.


Chapter 8 - Contributing

As we harness our inner power to create a life we love, we also seek to go beyond simply 'getting what we want'. We have an inner urge for a life that matters, that means something, that makes a difference. We want to feel purpose, to live with purpose and be on purpose. In this chapter we talk about how contribution fits in our soul plan and purpose, and how to identify aspects of our purpose to live it fully in our lives.


Chapter 9 - Transcendence

At a stage of our Soul Odyssey we desire to transcend. We want to go beyond our own patterns, ego and fear, we want to live beyond drama and chaos. We want to experience the peace and love that is our true nature. In this chapter we talk about how to do this in a world that often displays and triggers the opposite. Plus: a simple but powerful revelation that liberates us from the complexity of life and the complexity in our minds.


Chapter 10 - Transition

This lifetime is finite. Our soul, however, is infinite. We were soul before we were born, we are soul when we are here, and we will be soul after our body has completed it's job of carrying us through this life adventure. In this chapter we talk about what death is, the transition, and how to bring peace and gratitude to this topic that many people fear.


Chapter 11 - The Invitation

In this concluding chapter of the Soul Odyssey program, we talk about The Invitation. It is an invitation that exists throughout your life, and at the end of the program you will be supported to answer that invitation in a way that feels inspiring, empowering and life affirming to you uniquely. This will set you up for taking the learning from the program and living it in your life going forward. 



Soul Odyssey Graduate

It has been an amazing soul journey. I’m so blessed to be connected to you and be able to go through this journey.  Soul Odyssey opened my eyes so much and all your teachings are my salvation.

I don’t think in my life time I will ever find the words to express to you how grateful I am to you for this experience. I wish that many more people find you as I did. Thank you.


Sue, USA

Soul Odyssey Graduate

An amazing program, taught by one of the most insightful teachers of our time.


Chris, USA

Soul Odyssey Graduate

The fluidity of the program was impressive and easy to understand and work with.  B is an amazing, inspirational guide and her personal attention was an added bonus.

I would highly recommend this program to anyone, whether a beginner on this path or someone already familiar with it who may need reinforcement. There is something for everyone here.

When You Register You'll Also Get:


Setting the Scene & Setting Intention! 

with the SO Program Introduction Module + PDF Guide

($60 USD Value)

Intro Bonus

You'll have the scene set for you in this introduction module as a foundation before Week 1 begins, and you'll be able to set your very own intention for the 11 week adventure ahead!

[Simply utilize the Introduction Module resources, available to you right now so you can get started as soon as you register. Includes: set of introductions video (also available in audio download), plus a PDF exercise].


Get Answers, Be Heard + Enjoy Supportive Community Vibes!

with the SO Program Private Online Discussion Forum 

($200 USD Value)

Soul Odyssey Forum

Get answers to any questions you have anytime (24x7 access). Share your voice, questions, experiences, insights or challenges, celebrate your wins and deepening understanding, and communicate with me as your coach anytime during the program for personalized Q&A support.  Enjoy connection and learning in a safe and supportive environment.

[You'll get access to the private discussion forum for Soul Odyssey, exclusive to program participants, in our online Members Area. This includes full access to the forum during the 11 week program for QA, plus ongoing access after the program ends so you can continue to stay in touch!]


Enjoy More Miracles!

Get the Mindset for Miracles 30 Day Audio Course

($79 USD Value)

Mindset for Miracles

Enjoy more miracles in your life by stepping into the mindset for miracles! This 30 day audio training course, with daily lessons containing spiritual messages, will guide you into more alignment with miracle thinking and open hearted energy connection to the soul you are and your Higher Power

[Over 3 hours of audio training, including 30 daily lessons. Plus a PDF summary of all 30 daily lessons with note taking space. You also receive an affirmations audio of all 30 lessons summarized into one audio tool with beautiful background music, for ongoing use (reflection and further mindset training after completing the 30 day course.]


Speak to Your Soul

Guided Meditation Audio

Speak to Your Soul

This meditation audio has been designed to guide you into greater conscious connection with your soul. It will support you to be more acutely aware of, and in touch with, that part of yourself that is always there supporting you in your life, but is often lost below the noise of your mind and the busyness of modern daily life.

Just by Registering for Soul Odyssey You Make a Difference

You're Helping Children, Families & Communities in Need

We are proud supporters of World Vision's Work. 5% of your purchase will go towards World Vision's development work to help children and their families lift themselves out of poverty. Thank you for your life changing gift.

It's a beautiful ripple effect that we create as a community here at The Daily Positive to bring more light and love into the world.

What to Expect…

Introduction Module

After registering today you receive instant access to our private Members Area online, to get started with the Introduction Module, setting the scene and laying a foundation understanding before the program begins. You'll also be invited to set your own intention for this adventure.

Weekly Throughout the 11 Week Program

(1) Training in both Video & Audio Format (about each stage of the Soul Odyssey - released weekly through the 11 week journey, with on-demand lifetime access to enjoy in the comfort of home or office, at a time that is convenient for you).

(2) Soul Keystone Audios (important themes, keys and truths that provide stability for your soul journey, to listen to in your own time, relevant to the weekly topic).

(3) PDF Resources (utilize these while going through the training in your own time).

(4) Coaching & Q&A Videos (past Q&A sessions replays, in both video & downloadable audio format, focused on the weekly training topic, providing additional coaching tips and support). 

Your Training Videos

Every week you receive one chapter of the 11 chapter online program, in the form of online training videos to watch in your own time, covering one chapter of the Soul Odyssey.

  • The weekly training comes in a series of videos, in bite sized pieces, so that you can work your way through the weekly training step by step, marking off each video as you watch and complete it.  
  • Weekly training ranges in duration depending on the chapter/topic. Some weeks are shorter e.g 45-60 minutes total and others longer e.g 90 minutes total.
  • You can watch, pause, replay the videos to suit your own schedule and learning preferences. Take notes, write down any questions you may have and reflect on how the insights apply to your life past, present and future.
  • You’ll also receive the training in audio format, in case you prefer to download the audios to listen offline or on-the-go.
  • The training is released one week at a time for an important reason – to set you up for success! One chapter at a time allows you to fully focus and digest the training, to apply it to your unique situation, and have the necessary space to reflect, before taking on-board more information in the next chapter of training.

Your Soul Keystone Audios

Each week with the training you also receive what are called "Soul Keystone" audios. Soul keystones are central underlying themes, keys and principles that provide stability and foundation for your journey through life.


  • There are 43 Soul Keystone audios in total in the Soul Odyssey program, and these are delivered to you throughout the 11 weeks in bundles based on the weekly topic (i.e related to each stage of the Soul Odyssey that we go through).
  • Audios vary in duration depending on the keystone being discussed, and range on average from 4-8 minutes duration each  (some keystones are slightly shorter and others longer).
  • On average there are 3-6 keystones per week.
Make Sense of Life and Reconnect to Your Soul's Plan and Purpose. This 11 Week Live Program with Transformation Life Coach Bernadette Logue You'll Learn...

Your PDF Resources

Each week with the training you also receive PDF resources to download. These are optional to use and include:

  1. A Reflection/Action Guide with useful journalling prompts and suggested ways to apply the insights in action in your life.
  2. A PDF with mantras, affirmations, prayers and quotes aligned to the weekly topic as extra tools you may choose to use during the week and beyond.
  3. A "Memo from Your Soul" - things your soul would want you to remember during each stage of your Soul Odyssey.

Additional Coaching Tips + Q&A to Leverage Your Journey

Get additional coaching tips and insights in each week of the program, with an on-demand Q&A session replay in video and audio format to utilize in your own time (recordings of past Soul Odyssey program Q&A classes, averaging 1-2 hours duration each week).

Members Area, Discussion Forum & Weekly Emails

You will receive login access to The Daily Positive private Members Area online, to access all of the program content in one easy place. Every week your new weekly training material will be released, and we'll send you a friendly email reminder to let you know that it’s available so you can login and enjoy!

You have lifetime access to ALL the Soul Odyssey training material after the program ends, including to the forums, so you can login and revisit anything you want, whenever you wish.

Your Program Leader

Bernadette Logue

Transformation Life Coach, Author & Leader of The Daily Positive

Expertise and Proven Results

This program is based on my expertise built up over a 21 year diverse career and life path – combining personal first-hand experiential learning in spirituality, soul alignment, faith, conscious living, personal growth and mind power, along with professional experience in supporting people to master their life journeys to reach their highest potential. This includes 6 years working in the corporate business arena in Human Resources consultancy, including pinpointing and harnessing people competency and development potential, peak performance coaching, people management, training development and delivery, as well as leadership, along with years of experience as a Transformation Life Coach working privately with people all over the world.

Aside from the above expertise, I fully believe in walking your own talk, and teaching from first-hand experience. I spent 9 years deep diving into understanding all things soul, soul journeys, spirituality and how to use such insights to optimize my life experience - to live into my highest potentiality. I've have used that understanding personally for myself and I share it with others in my coaching and courses. I know exactly what it’s like to go from the point of having no understanding of soul and spirituality, and feeling no sense of purpose, through to now understanding my soul, my soul journey and using that to live a life filled with meaning, depth, purpose and happiness! I know what things made a difference, and what insights helped the most. Having taken the deep dive myself, making sense of life, and feeling reconnected and aligned to my soul plan, I’m passionate about helping others to do the same. I've poured the most important aspects of what I discovered, learned and experienced over those 9 years into this Soul Odyssey program.

In addition, all my programs, products and services are underpinned by my exclusive Unleash Your Life transformation coaching method.

Join ‘Soul Odyssey’ Risk FREE!

Money Back Guarantee

This program comes with a 30 day 100% money back guarantee. I am completely committed to providing you with high quality resources. While you are responsible for how you use this program and the resources, and for your choices and actions, I take pride in offering exceptional client service, in providing relevant and targeted content to support you with real life day-to-day challenges, and if you are not satisfied in this first 30 days of your registration, I wholeheartedly encourage you to contact us: support@thedailypositive.com

* Please note our good-faith guarantee is based on your active participation in the program in the first 30 days and does not cover change of mind or change of circumstance.

FOR BEST RESULTS: Please participate fully in all aspects of the program.

Soul Odyssey

A Life Changing Journey

 Here is what you’ll get lifetime access to when you register for this game-changing Soul Odyssey experience:


  • 11 Week Soul Odyssey Core Program + Q&A Support – $1195 Value
  • Introduction Module (Video, Audio & PDF Exercise) – $60 Value
  • Ongoing Access to a Private Soul Odyssey Discussion Forum – $200 Value
  • 22 x Past Recorded Q&A Classes (2 per week) – $220 Value
  • Mindset for Miracles - 30 Day Audio Course, On Demand – $79 Value
  • Speak to Your Soul Guided Meditation Audio
  • TOTAL VALUE: $1,754


If ‘Soul Odyssey’ helped you to make sense of your life and to live in deeper alignment with your soul and purpose, what would that be worth to you?

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Your registration in Soul Odyssey directly supports people in need. We are proud supporters of World Vision's work. 5% of your purchase will go towards World Vision's development work to help children and their families lift themselves out of poverty. Thank you for your life changing gift.

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Soul Odyssey Program

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Three program options to help you succeed

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Start the Soul Odyssey online program today with a one-time payment of $895.

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Total price $895 USD 

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Get started today and pay for the program in 12x monthly installments of $76.


Total price $912 USD

Your registration in Soul Odyssey directly supports people in need. We are proud supporters of World Vision's work. 5% of your purchase will go towards World Vision's development work to help children and their families lift themselves out of poverty. Thank you for your life changing gift.

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