You are not body and mind alone.

This meditation audio will guide you into greater conscious connection with your soul.

It will support you to be more acutely aware of, and in touch with, that part of yourself that is always there supporting you in your personal and professional life, but is often lost below the noise of your mind and the busy-ness of modern daily life.

This meditation will help to foster your holistic mind, body and soul connection, and engender greater faith and trust your inherent intuitive ability – to enhance inner peace, allowing, confidence, creativity, inspiration, self-esteem, self-confidence, self-belief, surrender, flow and ease in your life.

With love, Bernadette

Bernadette Logue (known to everyone as “B”) is the Leader of The Daily Positive, a Transformation Life Coach and the author of 3 personal growth books – guiding you on how to master your mind, to live consciously and soul-aligned. To receive regular coaching resources and support, join B in EvolveHQ, The Daily Positive’s private personal growth membership and community. To find out more about B click here.

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