Have Integrity – How to Stick to Your Word

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Do you want to walk through this life as a person of integrity, as best as you possibly can? If yes, then it's important to stick to your word.

It's a conscious choice to follow through on doing what you say you will do, and being who say you are!

But, what about those times when you just can't stick to your word?! For example:

  • you legitimately change your mind and it no longer feels right to follow through
  • you committed to do something when you intuitively know you shouldn't have in the first place
  • your situation changes and you can't follow through even if you wanted to

In this video we cover the importance of sticking to your word, but also an integrity tip for those times when (for whatever reason) you simply can't…

How to Stick to Your Word

With love, Bernadette

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