Arguing is exhausting. It takes so much effort and drains your energy. If you've decided you want to stop arguing with someone, then it's time to celebrate.

Why? Because that very wise decision you've made to learn how to stop arguing is what will free you and make a new path forward possible.

Someone in the situation has to be the bigger person, to consciously create calm and more effective communication. And that person might as well be you!

All it takes to stop arguing is first the clear choice that it's a priority and you will do whatever it takes, and second the commitment to learn how to upskill YOURSELF.

Upskilling yourself is important, because you can't control them and what they say or do, and so even if they are the one fuelling the arguments, your point of power is within yourself.

You have to learn HOW to be with someone who is negative and argumentative, and not bite back.

If you take the bait, the argument escalates.

If you don't take the bait, and you apply a few tips, you can diffuse the situation.

With practise you can quickly learn how to manage heated situations with grace. But it requires you to “step up” on a number of counts…

How to Stop Arguing

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