Are you ready to stop comparing yourself to others?

It's soul-sucking, right?!

You're not the only one who goes through it. To be honest, I think we all go through this experience at some point.

It might be that you're comparing yourself to others generally, or maybe you're comparing yourself to specific people.

Maybe you even admire and respect some of the people you're comparing yourself too, but instead of being happy for them and inspired, you're left feeling awful.

Let's take control of that right now. In this video we're covering:

  • How we are conditioned into this comparison cycle in the first place. Once you're aware of this, you free yourself from falling deeper into the trap!
  • What the root cause of this issue really is. Comparing yourself to others is a symptom. It's time to deal to the root cause.
  • The positive benefit you can take from this habit of comparing yourself to others. There is something powerful available to you!
  • Other tips to elevate you beyond this cycle now.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others Now – It's Time to be Free!

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Scroll down to leave a comment and let me know:

  • What mindset shift are you making today that will help to end this cycle of comparison?
  • What are you celebrating about yourself now?
  • Next time you notice yourself doing that “comparison thing” – what powerful statement will you say to yourself to snap out of it? You can come up with something right now. e.g. “I choose to LOVE MYSELF AND LOVE MY LIFE”.

With love, Bernadette

Comparing Yourself to Others

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