5 Inspiring Stories for Feeling Empowered in Your LIfe

In this Daily Inspiration video you'll hear 5 little stories about super inspiring people. They're ordinary cool people just like you and me, being extraordinary in their own lives.

I'm sure this will put a smile on your face, warm your heart and empower you!

PLUS: All 5 of these people have a couple of powerful things in common, things we can all learn from! Pay close attention at the end of this video as I'll share 2 tips that you can use to reflect and take action for living your own inspired and soul-aligned life.

Inspiring Stories for Feeling Empowered

* You'll hear me reference “Pinch Me Living” a few times in this vid. That's our old brand name, before we became The Daily Positive.

With love,


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4 Responses

  1. Love this! After 6 years of wanting to take a yoga teacher training, I Finally signed up and actually recently completed my 200 Hour training and am now onto my 300 Hour training! Also, last year I ran my first marathon (the Boston Marathon!) after only running 1-2 miles every now and then!

  2. Love this B great stuff! I found those stories to be so inspiring and honestly I am glad cause I think/feel /act in those ways and sometimes it can be a bit lonely as not a lot of people operate that way but I’ve learned to love my qualities, be me and unapologetic!

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