The holiday season can amplify tension between family and friends. Those people who have hurt us are now expecting a card or a call or even a visit.

But we don't. Instead, we remain passive and leave the past in the past. There is no healing and there is no progress.

As you probably know, humans struggle with forgiveness. We're either unable to forgive or we forgive too quickly.

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Over the past few months, I have been battling my own story of forgiveness. As I watch the media elaborate the disturbing stories of ISIS, Al Qaeda, Taliban, Hamas, and others, I found myself growing an unhealthy resentment toward these communities. Until I watched this.

Webster defines forgiveness as: “The ability to pardon an offense without holding resentment.” The key words are “without holding resentment.” It makes me think of this quote.

Not forgiving is like drinking rat poison and then waiting for the rat to die.

Now I'm not asking you to forgive terrorists. I'm asking you to support the people who must live near them. To hold up a nation of children and families who need our help, our leadership, and our prayers.

And while I sit in my comfortable home this holiday season, sipping cider and listening to Frank Sinatra on Pandora, these kids will still be there. They will be hungry. They will be sick. They will be cold. And they will be scared.

So what did I do?
I made a $500.00 donation to Samaritan's Purse to support these people.

The big question is: What can you give?

$10? $20? Maybe even $100? Here's your chance to make a difference. Will you do it? Let me know in the comments below.


9 thoughts on “Struggle to forgive? Watch this.

  1. Anaya says:

    Dale, why is everything money? I fear this approach. It was the jacket that kept them warm, the food that kept them full, the caring and protection along with love that kept them hoping to see ” tomorrow”. It is not the money, not the bible or Quran book or any other book, NOR the love of CHRIST or any GOD alone. It is plain and simple ” real, caring, support and love, human love, HUMAN LOVE”. Can you tell why there’s always a name given to that love as christ’s love or then a bible handed over to them as to represent Christians. I am not a Christian but I have a bible that I respect along with my own holy books. I show the same love to many many people just because I am human and loving caring person. Period. The Father in this video talks good things, gives out a good message as to what we want to teach our future generations, but he also talks about love being Christian and bible being the gift. I haven’t come across any religion that says anything other than to love, care, support and act human. It’s just people that act out differently.

    It would be a better world if we all campaign to live lives without money being the basis for everything….30 days of this and as many things that can be accomplished without the man made metal or note, that much confidence, success and less crime, we would see.

    I watch pastor Benny Hinn , and he says send me ” $120″ and I promise you, you will be debt free. Oh gosh! I would feed my family and my neighbors for that money for a month. But I could feed them for ever if I can exchange my skills such as watching someone’s kids for taking care of my groceries for that month…but who does this kind of thing!

    I just say all this coz ” where money wouldn’t be needed for our daily living any more, the world would get rid of many atrocities, crimes and differences”. Oh well!

    • Dale Partridge says:

      Hi Anaya, thank you for sharing your perspective. You said quite a bit, so I’m really not even sure where to begin. I do want you to realize that I AM a Christian, and that the things I share on my blog will reflect as such – so please do not be surprised when you hear me write about the love of Christ and the bible being a gift, because that is what my life is based on. I chose to write this blog around the monetary topic because we very easily throw money away. This isn’t to say we shouldn’t get involved in and around our communities and extend service, time and love, because we absolutely should – it just wasn’t the intention of this particular blog. Service, time and love are just as important. But there are also families far away that we do not have access to due to distance, and perhaps funding a missions trip or a year’s worth of food for a needy child or helping to fund a well in a village in Africa, will help. I agree that there are some problems we can’t throw money at, but there ARE SOME WE CAN. Although we need love in our lives, we also need to EAT. And eating costs money, plain and simple. I hope you see the point of it all now – we do need both money AND love.

    • carly fuselier says:

      dear Anaya- it takes money to provide food clothes and shelter. any amount can help. the Samaritans purse organization also does “operation Christmas child” where children receive a shoebox filled with soap washcloths toothbrush toothpaste toys pens paper pencils etc…and info about why Jesus died and how Christians love them. I have also seen “television preachers” promise wealth in exchange for our money. trust your instinct if something doesn’t seem true or real. Helping children in need is always a great cause! If you don’t feel comfortable providing money to a cause you can always volunteer your time to prepare meals at a soup kitchen in your local area or help organize a can food drive etc… I was able to help pack these shoeboxes this Christmas and it was a lot of fun!!!! I pray that God reveals his love and truth to you. Peace and health to you and your family! love carly

    • Sips Tips Advice says:

      Hey Anaya,

      Why does giving money, someone else belief or the words others choose to spread love and hope to take the focus off the turmoil the best they know how, through books, bothers you so? That is the question to meditate on for yourself. No man can answer that question for you.

      Regarding Love
      Love is not enough in a marriage to pay bills, put food on the table, buy clothes, let alone a toothbrush, the same way it doesn’t make one go to work, it only affects how they perform their work. Love allows you to let go of all your beliefs, wrongs of others or differences, to have grace to do what is right, no matter what. If that is someone’s way of showing love through providing clothes, tents, food, pots and books to light the heart, than that is their way of loving. It is no different than how you choose to love others, that is what resonates in your heart. That is how you express love. No two people express love the same but one thing that is a part of love is choosing to give from your heart and let go of it. Not worrying about what the next man will do with it, for we have no control over man’s decision. The universe or whatever you believe will return to you what you need the most by the measure of what was in your heart when you choose to give it. How it shows up is none of our business.

      Regarding Books
      Words have been known throughout history to inspire, encourage and turn on the light in people from all walks of life, even the one’s that seem to have no possible hope. If not, than what is the purpose of you reading or owning holy books? It should be to enlighten your heart, mind and body, to see the truth and not focus on the tom foolery alone. For the words we meditate on become a part of our heart, whether tv, the news, terrorism, pass regret or how someone has wronged you. All those things become you unless you fill your heart with words of wisdom, hope and love on a daily basis. I believe but could be wrong, is the whole premiss of what the bible stands on is filling your heart with good words and not the world alone.

      Regarding Money
      Even if there wasn’t any money, there would still be some form of exchange for goods or services that man will choose to either envy, steal or kill for. It is what is in men’s hearts that needs to be worked on daily through what we read or focus our attention on.

      In the final analysis, your personal beliefs should not play a role in your decision to do what feels right in your heart. Would you want someone to help you if that was you? Do you want to help? Whatever that answer is, than that is your truth. Very simple. No need to question what actions that others are taking to do the best they know how. People only do what they know how to do best, until they learn something better, including you and I.

      I hope you seek and find peace on this for your mind, heart and body, for no one else can do that work for you.

    • Zolga says:

      Dear Anaya,
      Sorry for budging in, but I feel that I could share some of my thoughts on this topic.

      I feel that the question that worries you most is being asked in the first paragraph starting with sentence number 4.

      Let me put it this way – because without Christ and bible there would be no understanding of right/wrong or sacrificial love as we know it today. Read about any ancient civilization, Roman Empire, or any socialist government (former Soviet Union, North Korean Republic) and you will see what true human nature minus Christ is. I grew up in the former soviet republic and I will tell you that there was no word “charity” in my or any other peoples vocabulary because the notion of it didn’t exist. Some of my friends that grew up in similar circumstances still can’t understand the idea of giving their money away to someone they don’t know and why should they care? I care because Christ taught me to care. And that is why I give my money. As sad as it is – metal rules, but it is only here, on Earth. Without money we are destitute for life but without Christ – for eternity.

  2. Tyrone Tellis says:

    Anaya if people hadn’t sent the money in donations, how would the jacket have been bought? We all agree that charity isn’t the solution to the world’s problems and long term structural change and policy change and more importantly removal of arms sales etc. But in the meanwhile it would be inhuman to let people die, just because the world is full of greed and can’t care for their needs

    People who detract from religious identity- will cling to some identity or the other, we are all human or I’m an American etc. So the Father and Dale are being human and normal when they speak with reference to their identity as Christians .

  3. gooby says:

    The main question is : Do you support the republican party and their war mongering ideas?
    Mind you, The DEMS are NO better. Did you support bush with his illegal,inhumane and useless enterprise into Iraq?

  4. Sue says:

    I joyfully gave. Thank you, Dale, for bringing this opportunity to our attention, through a WONDERFUL organization that cares holistically about hurting people.

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