What to Do When You’re Stuck in a Situation You Don’t Want to Be In

If you find yourself stuck in a situation in life that you don't want to be in and you feel frustrated, here's a tip to support you (check out the 4 minute vid below).

You can use this strategy in any of the following scenarios:

  • You have to be in that undesirable situation right now because it's outside your control.
  • You're still there in the situation by choice for some reason.
  • You're actively looking for a way out but as yet you can't see a way forward.
  • You're already transitioning into a new situation but it's taking time.

In all these scenarios you still need to find a way to “cope” with the situation as long as you are there, and you want to set yourself up to move forward with as much personal power as possible.

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14 Responses

  1. Thanks for this great tip and reminder. It’s a truth that I think I’ve always known but it’s so easy to forget. Thanks for these encouraging messages!

  2. While being your best self is always great advice, there’s going to be a time each day whether it’s when you’re walking through the door after a long day or about to fall asleep when how you really feel about things and what your life has come to , will surface. It doesn’t matter how much you’ve been shining all day. These are the moments that affect us the more than any moment of interaction with others.

    1. Totally Gina, I agree. And sometimes “being our best selves” in a tough moment (like overwhelming feelings) is simply to accept… to let ourselves feel how we feel, to allow and process those feelings, and that is indeed doing our best, and being the best we are capable of in that moment. Thank you so much for raising that, a great point to elaborate on! Warmest wishes, B

  3. …and thanks to TDP, I’m now into a 25yrs married divorce, and isn’t easy as i get into a empty room everynight, but yea!… I’m being mi best version everyday as in ending days, now i realize this, thank you so much.

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