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responding to hate

Responding to Hate & Suffering

Whenever you witness hate in the world around you, causing suffering for individuals or groups, creating trauma and loss of life, it is extremely difficult

Affirmations for Love

Ready for more love and soulful companionship in your life? Set your beliefs, thoughts, feelings and energy in the direction of openly giving and receiving love

life challenges

Love Him Who Deserves it Least

This quote ends with the words “because that’s when he needs it most.” As we pass by the friends, family, and strangers who have either


Kindness – It’s a Boomerang!

Little random acts of kindness set in motion a ripple effect that changes the course of people’s days, and perhaps lives! Plus, kindness is a

family tradition

A Family Tradition

My beautiful and very special Nana died almost 8 years ago. She was 91. I am not sure if she was a product of her generation,

Leave a Little Love

Get ready to contribute and change someone’s day or possibly their life. This post is entitled “Leave A Little Love” for a good, and quite

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