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The BEST type of Goals to Focus on are "Must Goals"

So many things to do, so little time. It's a problem that plagues most people.

Layered on top of that is a sneaky issue that so often goes undetected! It's the fact that we feel like we SHOULD achieve certain things, we SHOULD be able to do it all, and we end up putting our focus on goals in a way that simply doesn't work and prevents results.

While this may not sound like rocket science (because it isn't!), it's incredible how we know what we know, but we don't DO what we know! So, tune in below for a quick reminder about the BEST type of goals to be setting... what I call "Must Goals"...

  • If you want a tip for how FOLLOW THROUGH with your goals once you've set them, to get consistent, awesome results...  then put your focus on what we're talking about here - setting the RIGHT TYPE of goals at the outset.
  • Strongly anchored, meaningful goals ("Must Goals") are way easier to stay emotionally connected to, and are easier to follow through on!
  • Give yourself permission to choose your unique Must Goals, AND... to ditch any goals that don't fit that category. It's your life, it's your precious time and energy, it's going to be YOUR YEAR. So make powerful choices now about what your Must Goals are.

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