The Blueprint For Your Best Self & Your Best Life

Imagine that before you were born a blueprint was set.

Imagine that the blueprint shows:

  • Your best self, fully evolved and fully expressed in what you say and do.
  • Your best life, fully realized with all your goals and dreams unfolded.
  • Your life purpose, the contribution and difference you make in the world.

While I'm suggesting this is an exercise in “imagination”, if you're a person with a spiritual or faith based foundation to your life… you probably know that there's a lot more to this than just pretending there is a blueprint.

In fact, time and time again I've experienced it personally, and seen it happen for others, that there IS a path into the full glory of who we are and what we are here for and… it's not at all random.

And today I want to tell you 3 quick things that have held true in my 20 years of experience as a personal growth learner, as well as in my work as a personal growth leader, about how you can tap into and LIVE the blueprint of YOUR best self and best life.

Here we go…

1. See What Blocks You & Resolve It

There are certain things that uniquely play out in your life, possibly like patterns. Most people call them “problems” or “weaknesses”. I call them gateways to greatness.

Life wants us to evolve, and one timeless truth we can't deny is that what breaks us down can break us through.

When you have blocks inside yourself, or you experience blocks in life, it is a powerful sign and an opportunity. It's not something to go under, over or around. It is something to go THROUGH. The problem is the path. It is the way. Your resolution of it unlocks your higher potential.

Exciting, uh!

2. See What Lights You Up & Step Into It

There's no mistake about what makes your soul sing, what you find inspiring, meaningful and joyous. The things you would do whether you were paid or not. The things that hold the most value in your heart. This is a clear indication it's part of your blueprint. And it's unique for every person.

I always say, your soul is constantly speaking to you in three ways, but are you listening? Passion. Inspiration. Intuition. If only you would consistently act on these three calls from within, you would find yourself living out your blueprint!

Note – what stops us from doing that? See point 1 above!

3. Tap Into What Is Already In You

Every human being is born with certain things, certain truths, within them in their blueprint. Things that are the same for everyone and common to the experience of being human. As long as you are disconnected from these, you experience issues. However, if you would tap into these things (these truths), they will support you to 1) resolve the blocks you have, and 2) to step into what lights you up!

So – what are these things inside of you, waiting to be tapped into? The GLORY of who you really are…

  • The KNOWINGNESS that you are whole, complete, good enough, worthy, deserving, valued, supported, connected, loved and accepted – irrespective of what anyone else says or does, irrespective of circumstance.
  • The CONFIDENCE that is part of knowing those things.
  • The TRUST that comes when you know and are confident.
  • The PEACE that arises when you live that way!

I have spent many years doing what I do to help people just like you.

I've done it 7 days a week. I've done it at all hours of the day and night. I've labored with love whether I was paid or not.

And it's because I tapped into my blueprint and realized that this is my version of my best self, my best life and my purpose.

What do you sense might be part of your best self, best life and purpose?

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