The Power Of Storytelling

It is said that facts tell and stories sell. I have found this to be true and have always valued the art of storytelling. Stories have been shared from the beginning of time. They help us connect to one another on a deeper, more authentic level.

They are also memorable. I have sat in lecture halls time and time again memorizing facts only to be forgotten as soon as the test is over, but some of the stories that I heard from lecturers, I still share to this day. That is because these stories mattered and touched me on a level facts could not.


Stories have opened my eyes to my own ignorance, changed my judgment of people, and expanded my knowledge on topics I may not have otherwise pursued. Stories also bring people together because they show us that we are not alone. Arguments don't often get our point across, but stories remove the barricades that otherwise divide and take us to a place of comfort and understanding. Like sitting together in a living room or around the kitchen table, we use stories to connect, build trust, and evoke change.

Businesses are starting to see the power of storytelling and using this method as well. When I visit a business' website, I am drawn in by the use of storytelling in the description and am more likely to support the business if I connect with the people there because I relate to the story and trust their vulnerability.

Bottom line: storytelling can change our world. Everyone has a story to tell. No matter if you are using it to build a business or to simply build a bridge, use your story for good!

We hope the graphic below will remind you of why we should continue to delve into the art of storytelling.

What has been your experience with storytelling? Tell us in the comments. 


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  1. I had two college professors that I respected so much that I patterned my teaching after theirs. One was a History professor and the other one was a Literature professor. I found that they had a similar philosophy on their respective subjects that crossed into the other’s realm. The history professor would say on several occasions that history was simply a story. If you could remember the order of the story being told then you would struggle less with the subject of history. The Literature professor would say that literature was a reflective history of the time that it was written in. Ironic that each professor would touch on the realm of the other in order to understand the discipline they taught. As I work through the last year of my teaching career I still think of these two men and their approach to teaching students. I try to pass their wisdom and mine on to my classes every day in hopes of inspiring just one student to take up the torch and teach a new generation.

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