In this video Michelle Farris, Licensed Therapist, talks about how to let go of someone or something you love. Maybe you've lost a loved one who has transitioned, maybe it's a relationship break up, maybe it's a job you've lost or a home, or something or someone else you've lost and you're finding it hard to move on.

She clarifies what it means to let go and gives practical steps to help get you started…

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9 thoughts on “Tips for How to Let Go of Someone or Something You Love

  1. Sue Bolton says:

    It’s really powerful and empowering just to know that it’s ok to have your ‘own’ grieving process. Thank you!

  2. Marelys Robinson says:

    Waoh I Thought that I was doing wrong this all time when actually I’m a pro at it jajaja I’m in the rigth way!

  3. Michelle Farris says:

    Lol Marelys, yay! I’m glad this validated your process! Even if you are attempting to let go – you can do it wrong! ?

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