Have you noticed your self talk isn't always loving and positive, and you're ready to change your self talk in order to have a better life?

Naturally, it's hard to have a life of peace in the world around you, when you're at war with yourself inside your own mind.

It's contradictory to want happiness, when you treat yourself in an unkind way.

It's challenging to accept love from others and gifts from the world around you, when you're internally telling yourself you're not lovable or deserving.

The biggest hurdle we face in life is not outside of us, it's our own relationship with ourselves.

If we can get our self-relationship right, everything else we do becomes easier.

Please know this… you weren't born saying horrid things to yourself! Any negative self talk you have engaged in is not truth! It's a conditioned and learned pattern that you picked up somewhere along the way, and at some point it became ingrained and it started to feel like your new “normal”.

With the simple tips and practices in the video below you can UNLEARN the old pattern, diffusing negative self talk, and instead ingrain a new habit of speaking to yourself with love, respect and care.

The more powerful and positive your self talk is, the better your life experience becomes. That's because most of our “world” is happening inside of us – we have to live with ourselves 24×7!

Tips to Change Your Self Talk

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Tips to Change Your Self Talk

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6 Responses

  1. Awesome video thank you, this issue I struggled with since birth, because of my child abuse by my parents. I have to train myself through therapy and self-learning that I am good enough, thank you again.

    1. So glad this video was useful April, and I send big love your way, it’s a beautiful testament to your courageous soul that you’re walking your path committed to learning the truth… that you ARE good enough… more than enough. Love and blessings, Bx

  2. I live in Greece and I’ve experienced the crisis to my bones despite the fact that I have both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree. After losing my job in 2014, I was unable to replace it with sth which couldsupport my family’s daily expenses. Currently, I’m unemployed without any income whatsoever! I rely on my beloved husband but since I’ve been working for more than 20 years, I feel trapped, not enough and depressed many times. I’m really trying to find sth new and have changed direction, following Einstein’s wise advice to do things differently if they don’t work. Anyway and cutting a long story short, I’d like to thank you for all the support and encouragement you have been giving me with your videos and newsletters, Bernadette. God willing, things will improve and we won’t have to migrate to find a proper job that can sustain us. Thank you B! Thanks a million and even more!

    1. Hi Ang, I send you my love and hugs across the world, and wish you peace, flow and abundance. I’m glad to have you with us in the community and to be able to share and support you. Bx

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