Living with unanswered questions can be very stressful. It can raise uncertainty, confusion, worry and fear.

This might drive you to search harder for answers.

Realising that doesn't make any difference, you might end up in an even greater sense of despair and frustration!

It's possible, however, to live with unanswered questions in a peaceful way.

To get started, first ask yourself:

  • What questions do I currently have that I want answers to?
  • How uncomfortable am I with having no answers at this moment?

In this video below we'll be talking about:

  • Making peace with your unanswered questions, befriending them
  • Accepting this interim period of not knowing, and
  • Having trust/faith that you will flow and unfold into the answers when the time is right

How to Find Peace with Your Unanswered Questions

'If you live the questions, life will move you into the answers.” - Deepak ChopraClick To Tweet

With love,Bernadette

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