Are You Unconditional with Your Love & Kindness? Or Do You Have Limits?

Unconditional love.

We'd all like to think we're unconditionally loving people, and that we offer unconditional kindness, compassionate and politeness.

We all certainly want to receive that from other people too.

But – if you're really committed to your personal growth, which I know you are… as you're here reading this!! Then it's time to ask…


What I mean by criteria is this…

  • In what situations do you CUT OFF your love and kindness from another person?
  • Do they have to be a certain way in order to get that love and kindness from you?

I always like to say, “It's easy to love the people we love.”


But what about people we don't love naturally. The people who might not behave the way we want. Do we not be loving and kind toward them?

If you make your love and kindness conditional… then guess what happens?

Humanity (including you!) continues to suffer a yo yo cycle.

People being nice when they feel nice, and being awful when they feel awful.

People being kind, so long as other people are being nice to them, and being unkind as soon as other people are unkind to them.

Someone has to HOLD THE LIGHT consistently.

That means unconditional love and kindness – A.L.L  T.H.E  T.I.M.E!

That someone is you. And me.

So here we go – let's dive in…

The Practise of Unconditional Love & Kindness

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4 Responses

  1. Hahah I’m guilty of this!

    There was a man being very rude and obnoxious to the nice lady at the grocery store yesterday, so I stuck up for her and told him to get real and get a life!

    Hmmmm … I guess I was rude to him but it was only because I don’t like people being nasty for no reason. I told him to be nice too..

    Any recommendations for these types of situations?

    Thanks !

    1. Yes! We can assert boundaries, and state what is true, to make a stand for what isn’t okay, and to do so with calm, clear and confident communication. That is different to being rude. Our emotions taking us over and blurting out is what takes a clear and confident message from being direct and effective into being an attack. And someone on the receiving end of direct, clear communication gets the message, whereas someone on the end of attack immediately resists and seeks to defend. Hope that makes sense!

  2. Like for petty situations I mean..

    I find it easier to be mindful and shift my mindset for bigger things if that makes sense

    1. Yes makes sense. And yet it’s the small daily moments in life which is where we can demonstrate who we really are, and where we can energetically often make the most difference. Many small moments add up to one big life path! B 🙂

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