How To Use The Getting Things Done Method

“You can do anything but not everything.” -David Allen

Multitasking is often an uphill endeavor. Once we learn to balance 4-5 tasks, we feel equipped to add 2-3 more. Somehow, I only feel more productive when it's hard to juggle everything. As soon as life feels comfortable, I wait for something else to appear on my plate because, in my mind, productivity comes from a successful multitasking challenge.


Take this week, for instance, my husband was off, so we headed to my parent's lake house for a relaxing vacation. We don't always travel together and have spent some of my “off” time on different excursions, so this week I am still on the clock. Going into the vacation, I thought it would be easy. The hubby is with me; he can watch the kids, and I can get all my work done…or so I thought.

But the lake is fun! Activities go on all the time; a boat is always calling my name, skiis are waiting to be conquered, and a fully stocked fridge offers me an endless supply of snacks. But no matter how many waves I ride or how much watermelon I ingest, work awaits. I value my job, so I've had to get creative with my time. And what's the best resource for my time management woes? Well, Pinterest of course!

Pinterest came through, as always, and introduced me to The Getting Things Done (GTD) method by David Allen. The overall method has an entire book written about it, but for those of us who need a “quick fix,” there are 5 simple steps to provide a focused structure: Capture, Clarify, Organize, Reflect, Engage.

The methodology is efficiency at it's finest. GTD is like bowling bumpers for your brain to keep everything moving in the right direction. David Allen's steps take dedication to work, so I'm trying it out this week on my vacation and would love if you would join me wherever you are!

Liquidplanner designed a great infographic to help us get started right away:


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