VIDEO: 50 Incredible Humans To Inspire You

When I was 17 years old I was the starting pitcher on the varsity baseball team. I had led the school all the way to the CIF Championship in San Diego, California.

I was asked to close the final two innings of the game. The score was 3-2 and we were in the lead. Behind the backstop were a handful of MLB professional scouts pointing radar guns at my every pitch. I remember them looking at their notes and calling to each other, “82 mph… impressive.”

Each pitch I thought to myself, I have worked my whole life for this moment. To perform for the pros and to be the best version of myself. And then came the last pitch to close the game…

The count was 2 balls and 2 strikes. I'm left handed and I was throwing against a left handed hitter (which is uncommon). I spent a few seconds rotating the ball in my hand looking for the correct seam with my index finger. I slowed my breathing and zeroed in on the left-center of the catcher's mitt.

I wound up as if in slow motion and pushed every ounce of controlled energy into that single pitch. 87 miles per hour. And POP! It landed in the catcher's glove as the batter missed by fractions of an inch.

Within milliseconds, I jumped in the air as I watched my entire team run toward the pitcher's mound. What a moment…

When humans work hard at something, they can be incredible. We can surpass normal and generate a skill that becomes intimately in-tune with our bodies. It provides us purpose and confidence and vigor. The video below proves what mastery really is. It will tear into your emotions, drive your intensity, and even well a tear.

What will you be awesome at going forward? What skills would you like to attain? What are you passionate about?

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28 Responses

  1. Loved this. Thank you so much for posting it. So inspiring, in so many ways. I am awesome. I just need to own my awesomeness more and stop hiding my light. I’m passionate about being a light that lets others see. Using my writing to empower (both myself and other women living under similar conditions). Skills I’d like to attain include keeping my awesomeness on display and being able to fully commit to, and maintain the commitment to, my calling.

  2. I am awesome because I live with Lupus everyday. I want to go to the gym and use bicycle machine and swim 3 or 4 times a week. Get in shape, lose 50 lbs. Safely.

    1. Don’t let your illness stop you, Karen! You can do anything you put your mind to! Write back with your progress.

  3. It is interesting how many of these feats feature some version of flying in them. I do not understand why that should be enough to find them inspiring. For the most part they seem to show young people engaging in athletics or taking foolish risks. Some of the risk is mitigated by practice or other factors; when one has practiced enough handstands they acan be confident whether performing on the.first floor or on a rooftop. I am certain I am missing something here.

    1. Ben, the point is these people have become incredibly good at something. Better at “their thing” than most people ever get at anything. Many of us give up or don’t have the discipline to keep going. These people did. That’s what’s inspiring. Next step: Go buy a unicycle.

  4. In 1996 & 1997, while homeless, I taught myself HTML and CSS
    (basic web coding). Also during that time, I had the pleasure of
    teaching/tutoring someone on the subject. Over the years, I have dabbled
    in several different technologies. Even tutored a few other individuals on web coding. However, I have not developed a rich portfolio of my work. (I still have the course work from when I attended a community college class for WEB 110 – Hand Coded XHTML/CSS.)
    “What skills would you like to attain?” I am going to further solidify my years of HTML and CSS knowledge. In fact, I have already been doing this. I am actually going to learn JavaScript. Compounding all that knowledge with Python and hopefully relearn basic C++, C# and PHP.
    All the while driving everything to github to show validity for the knowledge I’ve acquired and expand my personal portfolio. The aforementioned is all on top of what I need to learn to stay on top my my current role as well.
    Aside from the skills based learning, I want to get fit, be more passionate about life, compassionate to others and less indifferent to my choices.

    I’ve been reading posts on and off for about 5 months now. I think this is my first comment.

  5. Most people don’t know it, but I have a problem with low self esteem. Only my wife really knows the extent of it. Everyone else thinks I have it all together. I want to change that in 2015. I want to do the things that I used to do when I felt like I could go out and conquer the world. I know a lot of guys my age (early 40’s) start thinking that they’ve already become everything that they’ll ever be, but I’m not ready to buy into that. I love to write, and I do some blogging as part of my job in sales and marketing. I want to write for myself in 2015. I want to start my own blog, and I want to write fiction, too. I’ve always wanted to do that, but never would finish anything because I didn’t think I was good enough. I also want to start my own online business. If I can blog and sell for someone else’s business, why not do it for my own? I’ve avoided a lot of opportunities for better things in life because I doubted my abilities. I’m finished with that. From here on out, I’m going to cowboy up every day and not stand in my own way. I’m ready to have success on my own terms, doing the things for which I’m passionate instead of doing what I think I have to do to get by. Happy New Year! May God bless you and your family, Dale.

    1. Wow, I love this Brett. Sounds like 2015 is going to be a fantastic year for you because you are determined to make it that way!

  6. In 2008-2009 I took a course on photography and even went to several concerts as a photographer. Then I drifted and did other things. This year I want to go back to my first love, photography. Learn how to use Illustrator, become a good writer in Spanish and English (English is my second language) and launch my blog. I need to over come my fear of success and just go for it, give it my all.

  7. Dear Dale, your words are inspiring and your blog is motivating. In 2014 I immigrated from Germany to South Korea. in 2015 God gave me a heart to connect people and these days I am starting out a company with one experienced partner. We want to connect Culture, Langueges, Natons, and Countires thoughout a culture exchnage porgram for children, which will go to hostfamilies in England an Korea. Inspiration is one part of the engine that keeos us going! thank you for being a part of this.

  8. My recent passions include starting up a Not for Profit Children’s Art and Music program that focuses on bringing families together and cuts out all the distractions. I feel that we spend way too much time on our laptops/tvs/game systems and not enough time doing something together as a family. So I want to change that. I want to bring back the family functions where kids and parents can learn together.

  9. Humans can have incredible strengths..every time we do something we have never done before and take the standards to a new heights. .. !

  10. My boss shared this video with the team this morning. Super inspirational. I’d love to develop my photog/videographer skills. Thanks for sharing Dale!

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