Visualizing is powerful.

You are always visualizing, whether you know it not.

It pays to become aware of what pictures your imagination conjures up in your mind throughout the day, so you can ensure they are helpful and working to your advantage…

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4 Responses

  1. Is rehearsing success equal to being optimistic? If a person is waiting for a diagnosis feeling nervous and fearful about what the result is going to be and she forces herself to visualize good outcomes…but deep down she is terrified about what she is going to hear from the doctor (so she is worrisome and fearful), would her visualization of having a good result help? My thought is that unless the visualization generates positive feelings changing the person’s view to be more optimistic, it will not help much. (Really enjoyed some of your talks so would love to hear your thoughts on this.)

    1. Hi Judy
      Yes I totally get what you mean. Visualizing is about seeing things going well. And a large part of the power of visualization is the feeling it generates inside, the feeling of trust, faith, empowerment, confidence, gratitude etc Whatever we are visualizing in our mind’s eye is intended to generate FEELINGS in the present moment that support the manifestation of the outcome we want, but also to simply put us into a feeling state in the present where we are best equipped to take action and be our best selves.
      Rehearsing success as you said is partly about being optimistic and allowing space in the mind and heart for things to go well, putting more attention on the potentially helpful and hopeful scenarios, than putting attention on the worst case scenarios (the more we put attention on fearful outcomes, the more we FEEL fear now). Also – personally in cases where it’s something like this… a pending diagnosis, for many people this is a time in visualizing to draw on faith, trust and a reminder to place our attention on what we most believe… so visualizing that we are cared for, that we are supported, that there are unseen helping hands with us, that no matter what we are held.
      It’s also worth noting that you don’t have to feel “positive” in the case of a health condition or pending diagnosis, but if you felt calm and at peace that would be a huge win! Optimism isn’t about “positivity” alone, optimism can be empowerment in situations that are not positive at all, and optimism covers everything from resilience, to faith, to allowing, to personal power, to hope. I hope this makes sense. You’re right on track with what you said! Just note that you don’t have to feel “positive” in order to have visualization be effective in this scenario about health you mentioned. Even if you got to a place of peace and allowing in your visualization (which is somewhat of a neutral feeling state), that would be amazing as a support for one’s health and manifesting and action taking in such a situation.
      With love

      1. Thank you so much B for your reply. I like what you said about visualizing for faith, support and empowerment and that you don’t need to be positive to visualize a better outcome for your health. People who have gone through a serious illness tend to become more fearful and pessimistic about their future, which really cripples their lives. I like your videos not only because you speak logically but also you provide practical tips that make me feel it’s doable. Thank you for making so many helpful videos available to the public.

        Blessings, Judy

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