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2 Ways to Deal with Jealousy Positively

Jealousy. The emotion we just can’t help but feel when someone we know (or maybe even don’t know!) is doing better than us in some way. Whether it’s a co-worker getting a promotion, your best friend getting married before you, or even your sister losing the baby weight so quickly, we all get jealous. It’s human nature.

The problem with jealousy is we don’t use it in the right way. We often sulk, complain, and just sit there creating negativity within ourselves and for those around us. Meanwhile, we do nothing to improve our own situation.

Our normal reaction to jealousy is negative and often expressed by talking badly about the person we are jealous of and trying to diminish their light in some way. Jealousy can cause us to do and say things we don’t like. It turns us into people we don’t want to be, and by doing so it hides our own light!

But what if we started looking at jealousy in a different way? In a more positive way. Rather than creating negative energy that brings you and those around you down, you can use jealousy to create a better life…

Ways to Deal with Jealousy Positively

When we allow jealousy to be a negative emotion in our life it keeps us from being who we want to be and who we are meant to be.

While most people get jealous and don’t use this powerful emotion in the right way, this is mainly because we’ve been programmed to think of jealousy as a negative emotion. One we shouldn’t have. One we should hide and try to avoid.

Unfortunately, we can’t avoid jealousy. But instead of looking at jealousy as an unappealing characteristic we want to avoid, we could instead be powerful and embrace this emotion and use it to our advantage.

If we flipped our opinion of jealousy from something that is negative to a positive, we can use it to better ourselves.

When looked at in a positive light, jealousy can motivate us, inspire us, and show us what is possible in our own life. We just have to train our brains to think of jealousy in that light.

So how can you do this?

The starting point is to change your opinion of jealousy from a negative to a positive one. You can make this shift anytime you feel the slightest bit of jealousy by asking yourself two simple questions.

1. Ask yourself… “WHY am I jealous?”

There’s something inside of you stirring up when you become jealous. It usually means the person has something you want or has done something you want to do.

Jealousy is an impactful indicator you are meant to do something more with your life.

Jealous of your co-worker’s promotion? Why? Is it because you wanted the promotion? Understanding the root cause of your jealousy can give you a clear indication of areas in your life needing improvement or calling you into your higher potential.

You may not want the actual promotion, but maybe you wish your income was higher or you want to play a more important role in your company. Really digging down deep and understanding why you are jealous can help point you in the direction of what your next step in life needs to be.

Jealousy is a big indicator that you’re craving more in life. When you find yourself jealous of another person figure out what is causing the emotion and ask yourself, “What area of my life am I wanting to improve?”

When you think of jealousy in this way you can start using it to create a life you love.

2. WHAT do I do with my jealousy?

When you understand the root cause of your jealousy then you can develop a plan to move through the jealousy and create a life in alignment with what you truly want. Getting clear on what causes a jealous reaction allows you to do some soul searching and figure out what your next step should be.

Jealousy is the universe giving you a clear signal that the desires in your heart are possible and you should use that emotion as inspiration to go for your dreams.

Harness jealousy’s energy and start creating a life you love. You just have to take the necessary actions to achieve what the person you are jealous of has already achieved. And guess what? If someone else can do it, then believe me, you can do it too. The person you are jealous of is one hundred percent proof that success is possible if you take action and go after your dream. Jealousy is then turned into motivation and proof that you can achieve your goals.

Use jealousy as an opportunity to be inspired and happy for other people’s good fortune and success. Instead of being bitter and resentful, learn to empower and encourage others. Even those doing better than you. This creates powerfully positive energy for yourself and others, which supports positive outcomes.

When jealousy does creep up inside of you, flip it into something empowering and figure out what is being revealed to you in that moment.

I encourage you to use the positive side of jealousy in your life.

  • Use it to understand it’s a sign you are meant for something more.
  • Use it as a sign you can achieve your wildest dreams. If someone else can do it, you can too.

The negative side of jealousy does nothing but derail you from achieving your own fullest potential in life. We all deserve to live our best life and using jealousy in a positive way can motivate and encourage you. It can help you create a life you love.

Let me know in the comments… in what areas do you see jealousy the most? Can you use these strategies to turn this negative emotion into a positive one that supports and empowers you?

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Ashley Nihart

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