We Must Reset & Realign Our Overworked World

Being overworked reduces productivity & steals from people and businesses. We get best out of people when rest, balance & time with loved ones are prioritized.

In this session, Karen Maurice-O'Leary, founder of The Bolognese Philosophy, shares with us:

  • Why it's so important to reset and realign the way we work.
  • The price we pay if we don't do this, and the awesome benefits if we do!* How rest and productivity go hand in hand
  • The fact that burnout is a bad business move!
  • Why NOW (with the global situation and pandemic) is such an important time to reset
  • What The Bolognese Philosophy is, and how people could adopt it in their own life (in their job/workplace or own business)
  • The challenges for both employees and self employed in navigating a new way of working and how to address this

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Get Started with The Bolognese Philosophy!

Overworked? - The Bolognese Philosophy Visit Karen's website “The Bolognese Philosophy” here for easy ways to get started implementing this philosophy in your own life or business, or with colleagues, your boss, or engaging an entire workplace! 

Connect with Karen and The Bolognese Philosophy inspirations below:




About Karen Maurice O'Leary

Overworked? - The Bolognese Philosophy

Karen Maurice-O’Leary (Kaz) is a creative leader in ideas that inspire, motivate, evoke compassion and empathy. New Zealand born, she has worked internationally in Ireland, Australia and currently resides in the United States.

She is the founder of The Bolognese Philosophy – a workplace culture platform to reset businesses of any size, cultivating crucial conversations around rest, wellness and boundary setting. With a goal of impacting a million lives by 2024 and getting many more to the dinner table on time daily.

With over twenty years in the agency world she has accrued over 40 industry awards from all corners of the planet.

We Must Reset & Realign Our Overworked World

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2 Responses

  1. Hi,
    This is great thank you.
    People in business aren’t the only ones overworking.
    Nightfill at the Supermarket comes after a day at work. Or students doing exams then going to work. And work finishes at 10 or 11pm.
    Early childhood teachers do a 9 hour day, go home then do paperwork until midnight: Writing learning stories and completing teachers registration.
    I’m watching family members who work in IT support, during covid and working from home, their hours have got longer and longer. They have lost their weekends.
    The fruit and grape industry in Hawkes Bay is a standard 10 hour day 6 days a week.
    Trying to have work and a decent income and still be there for family is really hard.

    1. Hey Jehanne, indeed, the overworking comes in all these many shapes and forms, and it can be considered so “normal” that we end up accepting it. While there are many logistical and financial realities that contribute to this, I strongly sense that if we personally believe in a better way, something new becomes possible (that some how there is a way to take care of the priorities and have enough for what we need to include both progress, money, resources and also time, health, restoration etc). It’s not easy in a system and society that is so heavily down that path of the overworking old culture, but as we each say yes to a new way of wanting to work and live, we can eek out small wins!

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