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How to Deal with Times of Uncertainty - Rise beyond fear & negativity with things you can’t control

Bernadette Logue

In times of uncertainty, you might find yourself caught in fear and negativity. And, when those uncertain times and uncontrollable things are also affecting people around you, you're tasked with facing their fear and negativity too. Transformation Life Coach Bernadette Logue has worked with people all over the world to support them through such times of uncertainty. In this FREE class she gives you some of her best advice and strategies for how to move forward calmly.

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What you’ll learn during this ​free class:

  • The essential mindset shift that you must make in order to rise up and deal with the situation powerfully.
  • The bigger life lessons and opportunity available to you in these times of uncertainty.
  • One simple daily action for shifting yourself out of fear, anxiety, stress or frustration into calm, and keeping yourself there.

"Thank you Bernadette,I really enjoyed this and got a lot out of it. So many great points you made and as you said at the end these need to be acted on to make a change for ourselves and others. That I think is the part that takes the courage and the energy Many thanks again." - Tracey

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