Weight Loss Made Easy: How To Do It Without The Stress

Outside opinions, health concerns, or discovering your pants fit too tightly one frightening day are good motivations for losing weight – but it also puts a lot of pressure on your shoulders. You want to lose it fast, but dropping that weight takes time and dedication. The thought of taking on that task is daunting enough – especially if you have everyone else's expectations upon you.

How can you manage to lose that irritating fat without the pressure?

1. First of all, get rid of the pressure.

When you’re stressed, your body releases a hormone called Cortisol, which will make your body retain fat and turn even healthy foods into the bane of your waistline. It’s a defense mechanism designed to make sure you don’t starve while you handle whatever crisis is going on. Though in modern day, that’s the worst thing it could do. No matter how much you diet or exercise, the effectiveness of it will be cut in half if you’re panicking all the while. Analyze what stressful situations in your life you could avoid, and, if you’re planning to lose weight, don’t tell anyone – that’s one less expectation for you to worry about.

2. Pampering yourself doesn’t mean comfort food.

We all need a “me day,” but usually our idea of pampering involves fast food and candies. We deserve it, right? That’s only going to make it harder, and you’ll find your “me days” happen more often when you become depressed about your fat levels, beginning a horrible cycle. Kick that to the curb by not turning to food when you need comfort. If you feel the temptation, find another way to pamper yourself, such as a game on your mobile device, a walk, or if you have to make your day food-relevant, choose healthier foods such as fruit or low-calorie snacks. Try flavored water rather than soda, and leave your Reese’s behind for some strawberries.

3. Get rid of temptation and harness your own laziness.

In a study conducted by Appetite, it was shown that subjects who had popcorn or apples near them all preferred popcorn but would go for the option closest to them, which was usually the apples. You will give into temptation, so make yourself tempted by something else. If you need snacks on your desk, make them nuts or berries instead; if you need a quick breakfast, choose cottage cheese or yogurt rather than the protein bar. Rid your fridge of the stuff you’ll find more appealing, and fill it with the stuff you actually need; this will also prevent overeating, since you may crave a pizza even when you’re not hungry, just because it’s available.

4. Make yourself exercise in the little ways.

Even if you have big plans for working out, you may end up avoiding or missing it. So instead fill your life with the little exercises, and if you miss a gym day, you’re not starting from scratch. If you can drive two blocks to the store, instead take a walk. The elevator is an option but take the stairs instead. You could roll your chair over to reach your phone, but stand and walk instead. You can even trick yourself into making exercise fun.

5. Manipulate your cravings and avoid snacks.

Counting your calories is one of the smartest methods for enjoying your normal routine and eating schedule while still losing weight, but snacks are a sure-fire way to ruin your calorie limit for the day. We can be lulled into the thinking “it’s just a small snack,” and then overlook the actual effect it has on our body. When a meal comes around, rather than skipping it, we only add those calories to the rest. Rather than allowing a craving for chocolate to rule you, manipulate it into conforming. Yes, you can have that candy bar now, but then you won’t get to eat pasta for dinner – you’ll be chewing on carrots. You don’t need that snack now; it’s only a few hours until fried chicken time.

6. Make water your main drink.

Water is universal for helping to lose weight. You can stay hydrated and full for longer with no calories by drinking a single glass of water, and it gets better: if you’re drinking water, you’re not sipping on a Coke. By adding this one drink to your daily routine, it will seem as if you’re not on a diet at all. You’ll have more energy thanks to the hydration, which will make you more alert and in less need of caffeine-filled drinks; you’ll be full for longer; and nobody bats an eye when you order water, so there’s no pressure from friends.

Losing weight doesn’t have to be about rigorous diets or workouts; by applying just a few habits to your lifestyle, you can shed those pounds without the stress.

Swapnil Kulkarni, a Marketing Analyst at www.voucherbin.co.uk is well versed in research focusing on emerging business services. Besides work, he invests his time in reading and eager to help and consult people achieve their fitness goals through proper diet, nutrition, and exercise. 

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