What To Do On Rainy Days


As a dweller in the Midwest, we have our fair share of rocky weather. One minute, the sun is shining, birds are singing, and we are taking full advantage of the outdoors. The next second, the clouds roll in, the wind mockingly shakes its head, and the rain begins to fall. All activities are moved indoors for what can be days at a time.


I used to believe that rainy days were worthless pauses between good weather days. Instead of embracing them and engaging in new activities, I sat around waiting for the rain to end and for the appearance of morning sunshine. But there are some seasons where the rain is more present than the sun.

Rain has many benefits such as helping things grow, cleansing the earth, and supporting water collection. Just like the rain has benefits, rainy days can be beneficial days for us too, if we choose to take full advantage.

Here are some ideas of what to do on a rainy day:

Rainy Day activities

To enjoy rainy days, we must think beyond this list of activities and change our mindsets. Rain isn't keeping us from enjoyment; it's giving us happiness in a different form!

Spend time with your family instead of looking for a way out. Take in the warm and cozy feeling while you're reading a good book. During a long bath, get lost in your thoughts that you may otherwise rush through or ignore. While tackling that new hobby you have always wanted to try, celebrate your courage and determination.

Rainy days can be a time of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual productivity. Learn to view the rain as a gift that helps you slow down, reflect, and greet the next day with a rested body and renewed mind.

Tell us, what are YOUR favorite rainy day activities?

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