Sometimes going through an awakening or spiritual growth spurt may involve a few “growing pains”.

Join me below in this video to hear more about the place of growing pains in our process of personal transformation.

For support with any difficult transition you are experiencing on your own spiritual journey/awakening of consciousness, I share my story, learning and tips on this topic, to support you, in my book Going Out on a Limb.

With love, Bernadette


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2 thoughts on “How to Process the Growing Pains of a Spiritual Awakening

  1. Angel-a says:

    Dear B., thanks for sharing your thoughts about that topic. I experienced spiritual growing pain several times in my life so far. I can only say: yes, a lot of pain. Yes, letting go is key. No money in the world would be able to convince me to go back(-wards!). In that respect I also love the picture of the Phoenix who rises out of his own ashes. It sometimes felt like dieing within those processes… But it is worth the pain.
    With gratitude, Angela

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