When You’re Unsure, Ask for a Sign

If you're unsure what path to take or choice to make, always remember you can ask for a sign.

You don't have to navigate your life alone. There is a powerful divine wisdom all around you and you can communicate with it. Some people call that Higher Power, others call it the Universe, or God.

It's amazing what happens when you surrender up a question or point of uncertainty and ask to be guided.

Simply ask and then be ready, open and aware to receive guidance.

Ask for a Sign

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When You\'re Unsure, Ask for a Sign

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4 Responses

  1. Great video today, B! I have always been a believer in signs and miracles but it doesn’t hurt to be reminded that help in all facets of your life is just an “ask” away!

  2. Hi B, I’ve always intuitively followed signs & symbols & been guided by my gut instincts, but it’s only since reading & following your work that I’ve learnt I can proactively ask for signs & symbols from the universe, which I now do, but because I’m new to actively requesting them, I sometimes forget to ask.
    I’m currently looking for guidance, but forgot to specifically ask for signs & I’ve received your DI video re asking for signs! Strangely though, after I’d watched it, my email didn’t register it as being read, (as per usual), so when I clicked on show me unread mails it came to the top again & I opened it thinking it was new. So in effect I got it twice, which I took as a very loud sign.
    Since I’ve started proactively asking for signs, I met a medium, by chance, a total stranger, who without prompting, told me straight away that I was totally surrounded by lots of signs & symbols. Ain’t the universe great.

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