Do You Worry? Start Doing This Instead

As you know, I write on the stuff that matters. The issues, fears, and desires of humans. The practical and the feeling.

As I sit on my couch pounding letters into a machine, I almost feel like I'm missing the message myself. The moments and memories and mile markers.

Life is not about ordinary or predictable. It's not about worry or relevance. And it's not about pretending we don't know this already. We move and move like a world without seasons. Addicted to busy and bustle and happiness treason.

It's almost as if we're chasing the wrong answer only to realize our poor judgement a lifetime too late.

Life is about living. 

To be special and daring. To rage in spontaneity and not care about schedules. Life is about travel and hugging and watching babies crawl up stairs for the very first time.

So let me tell you some truth. Words that have more meaning than resumes and portfolios.

Jump off a cliff into a lake or a river. Buy that plane ticket you talk about while you're drinking. Tell people how you feel and quit working for the company you hate. Open your eyes to what life has always been about. It's one only word. Live.

And you can start here.

What's keeping you from living? What will you commit to start doing? Let me know in the comments below.

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33 Responses

  1. I mean, I constantly worry and stress about things. All day every day. Sometimes I even think about it at night so I can’t go to sleep. Yesterday I forgot to take in the items that my sons school requested. Even though it was just leaves, sticks, acorns etc. I found out they had an abundance of them this morning, I still couldn’t sleep well because I was worrying that he did not get to partake in the activities at school and it would be all my fault. I am a constant worrier. I need a way to pin up my worrying energy into like exercising or something. Usually I clean, but once the house is clean, I can’t do anymore because, well, it’s clean. So I continue to worry.

    1. Yes start walking! Get out there! Volunteer and help others, get your mind off of you…it will make you feel so great! Keep written lists of those tasks that worry you! Place your worries at the feet of God or cast them out into the Universe. You can stop worrying…it is an addiction that you need to kick…I did!

      1. You are so right when comparing it to an addiction. It is so hard for me to just let go. I always, always, always have something that is worrying me. It’s almost like Obsessive Compulsive. Thank you very much for you great ideas. We used to walk in the evenings to help clear my head, but I think I will break that stroller out again and take some nice walks in the evenings and just look at the beautiful fall leaves that have started to change. Worrying all the time is becoming too much for me to handle because I worry about EVERYTHING! It’s really kind of annyoying.

    2. You hit the nail on the head. You need a vice! Something to do to stop yourself from worrying. First and foremost, you have to recognize when thoughts of worry and doubt begin to seep in. Then, you need to be proactive. Self talk against it. Write down your worries on the left side of the page – all the emotions you are feeling. On the right side of the page, uplift the left side by telling the truth: everything is going to be okay. We are going to be taken care of. We are not alone. We are in this together. You are capable and beautiful and worthy. Things like that! Maybe it sounds corny. But it’s what our therapists have told us to do! You have worry in your life because of an issue deep down. Writing is an excellent outlet, but if you cannot control it, it begins to control and consume you. Then I would recommend counseling, which is INCREDIBLE and will help you find freedom. The worst thing is to be trapped in your own prison. Seek. You can do this.

    3. you remind me of me. I am a constant worrier like you. I worry and Obsess over situations that I cannot control. I get overly anxious if I know I have something important to do the next day and sometimes cannot sleep the night before. Time and time again my problems and worries work themselves out. And I know they always do..until the next problem arises, I find myself worrying again. It’s a constant battle with myself and my worries.

  2. not sure how this is uplifting to someone who’s been searching for work for 3 years…with master’s degree and other certifications…

    1. You might be looking in the wrong places… or you may just need to find something you don’t like that pays the bills while you continue to search for your passion! There is a reason you haven’t found something yet. Explore it!

    1. Could not agree more. Moving to Bend was extremely exciting and extremely nerve-wracking to leave everything we knew in California. But it was the best decision we ever made!

  3. Sorry Dale-this did not uplift me at all. Maybe the ominous music throughout? I know I’m going to die but I don’t dwell on it. “Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet-I just have one day and I’m going to be happy in it” (Attributed to Groucho Marx.)

    1. Life is already taken for granted even though we know we aren’t going to be here forever! The preciousness of life would be missing if we were mere immortals. The limit of our lives is what should be pushing us to live each day as if it’s our last. 🙂

  4. This was definitely uplifting! The important thing is that no matter where you are at in your life, what you are doing, don’t forget to live…that includes when searching for a job, worrying about what to take into your kids school, etc… Sometimes we get all wrapped up in life and forget to live. The thing that is not uplifting is seeing those who don’t know how to do this.

  5. Great reading…. truly inspiring! Now the question is, how do you stop doing what you hate that pays the bills and start doing what you LOVE??? I know what my passion is…. still looking for purpose – that pays the bills… 🙂

    1. Haha it’s a tough thing to find, but it always means taking a risk and stepping out on a limb. Sometimes it doesn’t fall into your lap – sometimes you have to chase it!

  6. Reading about worry! Things that I want to do seem to have more power over me because I’m not able to do it yet. I love encouraging others and writing too. I love to travel and do things outside of what’s going on now. I love music and I love to sing and do background work, but everything has been trapped inside of me because I haven’t been able to much of them anymore, because of my respiratory issues. My flow has been off. But I’m going to comment to start living again and take one day at a time… Find out what other gifts that God has put inside of me.. That’s my first task… Thanks for this…

  7. I’ve recently hit a rough patch because of worrying and stressing too much. I reached out and now have a therapist. I was reading some of the comments and your responses and I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your idea of writing the worries on one side. I’m definitely going to try it. Thank you!

  8. What you write about is undoubtedly inspiring, but everything you said need money! Sometimes you have to stay in the job you hate, at least for some time, to reach a better goal, or to just save up a bit, and enjoy later maybe.
    Everyone wants to live carefree and happy, but we have to wok hard to achieve that I think.

  9. amazing. I need to re train in the job I’ve always been passionate about.starting New year. new me new start.

  10. I am only a college student but I have already let the stress of the world weigh down on me. I have noticed I am not the care free girl that I once was when I was when I first entered college. I have become too worried about just getting through the next test or the next class. I ran across your website a couple days ago and have been reading at least an article a day. Everything is so uplifting and makes me really want to get back to my care free self that can enjoy the little things again. I want to start saving money not for buying the next new laptop or phone but for a trip…for the experiences not the products!

    1. Yes try to let go from now, but it won’t get any easier during work phase 😉
      Best of luck, and DO ENJOY THAT TRIP!

  11. First off it’s a must for me to say that I love your posts, You are inspiring and I am grateful for you sharing your energy!
    On the note of living, I am elated to share that after years of melting in front of the tv, feeling lost and hopeless. Devoid of purpose or praise aside from simply being good to the core, I am taking action. The last year of my life has been one of ruthless searching and transformation. I just started taking a class to become certified as a life coach. My fiance and I are doing it together, and it’s everything I’ve ever wanted. We must live this life with all of our strengths. Thanking our weaknesses for their motivation to be better.

    Again thank you.
    With love,

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