Worrying is a natural piece of our cognitive makeup and is very effective when attempting to solve an important problem or take urgent action.

But when we preoccupy ourselves with irrational concern, worst case scenarios, questions with no answers, and things we cannot control, worrying becomes a major problem.

Doubts, fears, and concerns are paralyzing. They will not take away tomorrow's troubles and will actually rob you of any peace you have.

Worrying is something I've struggled with for years. Thankfully, worrying is a mental habit that can be broken. With a few changes in my thinking, I have trained mind mind to stay calm and it has helped me live a life with greater peace and positivity.

3 Steps All Worriers Should Take:

  1. Create a worry period: I often write down the things I worry about on a sheet of paper that I carry with me. I dedicate 15 min toward the end of the day to worry about each of the items on my worry sheet. Outside of that time, I would tell myself “don't worry about it now, you can worry about it later tonight”.
  2. Ask yourself, “Is the problem solvable?”: Once I found out how many of my worries had no solutions, it helped me release control.
  3. Disconnect from other worriers: Studies show that emotions are contagious. We quickly “catch” moods from other people—even from strangers who never speak a word to us. I immediately limited my time (for a season) with those I knew struggled with worry and fear. This really helped.

What do you worry about? What practical steps have helped you?

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One thought on “Worrying Does Not Take Away Tomorrow’s Troubles, It Takes Away Today’s Peace

  1. Lou says:

    I worry about things, or events I have the next day or few days. Like sports practice, etc. Thanks for the post!

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