How To Write A Blog Article


Blogs offer a way to connect, market, boost creativity, and be a news source for your audience. You may enjoy writing, but feel like you aren't equipped for the blogging world, or you may not enjoy writing at all and simply need a way to connect with your audience. Well, we want to make it easy!


Here is a short and easy “how-to” for creating a blog post:

1. Know your audience.

Get into the heads of your audience and write content that they will love! Here on The Daily Positive, we provide valuable lists of action steps to add positivity to all areas of your life. We want to give a positive message but we know our audience appreciates more than just inspiration. What is it your audience wants? (stories, essays, news reports, interviews) Whatever it may be, make sure you are writing for your unique audience.

2. Choose a topic and title.

Keep in mind, a topic has many different angles and options for content, so the title is a way to narrow down the topic. For example, The Daily Positive often talks about business success, and that's a very broad topic. Choosing a title such as, “How Successful People Manage Their Time” narrows in on time management. Don't write everything you know about a certain topic in one post. Break your posts up into bite-sized pieces for your audience to enjoy. Also, for social media's sake, choose titles that are highly searchable. Click here for blog topics and title generator options.

3. Immediately grab your audience's attention.

The internet hosts so much content. Set yours apart! You want to satisfy your readers by grabbing their attention right off the bat so that they not only stick around, but they will look forward to coming back. Don't begin your post with a long drawn out story without defining the problem the post is going to solve or including the reason behind writing the post in the first place.

4. Write the post.

You have to start somewhere. Give yourself the freedom to simply write without holding back. Put all your ideas down without question. You are not looking for perfection here. Just write.

5. Edit the post.

Sift through your post and create smooth transitions between paragraphs. Check grammar and be concise. Is there a less wordy way to say the same thing? Try it! Save your editing for the very end so you aren't reading through the same post again and again. Editing is a very important tool, but it should not be invited in until right before you are ready to publish. The Write Life has a great printable editing checklist you can use for all of your posts!

6. Add a relevant image.

Imagery is important to grab the attention of your readers. Choose images that are relevant and make sure to always source where the images are from if they are not from a stock photo site. Here are some sites with free stock photos: Unsplash, Pixabay, Pexels.

7. Leave a treasure behind.

Give your readers a treasure they can take with them after reading your post. Whether this is through giving them a challenge, offering encouragement, or leaving a short and sweet quote supporting the content of your post, don't let your readers walk away without something of value to take with them!

For more tips, Angela J Herrington has you covered! She has done a great job streamlining her blog content through four easy steps: 1. Organizing ideas 2. Draft, draft, draft 3. Polish until it shines 4. Post and promote!

For those experienced bloggers out there, what does your writing process look like? Tell us in the comments!

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