What if you could create your own reality?

What if you could choose a reality that worked for you – crafting it in helpful ways?

If you want a better reality, it's in your power to create it for yourself right now.

It all starts with what you believe…

The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe. – Albert Einstein

What Reality Do You Believe In?

Ask yourself right now, “What type of Universe do I believe that I'm living in?”


  • Do those beliefs work for you?
  • Are you generating a reality that you like?
  • Or are you tired of seeing evidence of things that upset you and don't work for you?

Your beliefs literally shape your reality.

If you don't like what you see around you, it's actually NOT about those outer things.

It's about what's going on inside of you.

How to Create Your Own Reality

Join me for this video below for the keys to create your own reality, including:

  • How you create reality from the inside-out, focusing on your beliefs as the source
  • How you generate and magnify whatever you believe in
  • How to reconcile the fact that there will still be lots of things in this world you don't like and can't change. Yet, despite that, you can still live in a different “reality”!
  • Plus the choices you need to make today in order to start shifting your reality to one that works better for you.

Resources to Help Positively Create Your Own Reality

For help shifting your beliefs to create an empowering and positive reality, take advantage of these resources and events:

If you've decided today to begin creating a different reality for yourself, I'd love to hear. Please do leave me a comment below and let me know what's up.

If you've already seen the power of your own beliefs in manifesting positive outcomes and a new experience of life, please share below. Your story will inspire others!

With love and warmest wishes, Bernadette

You create your own reality. The truth is your thoughts play the leading role in how your life and dreams unfold. What messages are you giving The Universe through your thoughts? https://www.thedailypositive.com/you-create-your-own-reality/

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