The Most Important Factor for Creating Your Best Life Now

When it comes to creating your best life now, there is something very important that makes all the difference.

It's so important, it dictates the ENTIRE way you experience life.

This very important factor is… perspective!

I want to help you open your mind up in a new way – so you can look at yourself, life, and your path forward differently. So you can see it more expansively, more powerfully!

Because when it comes to creating the life you want…



From the perspectives you hold, your life unfolds.

How you perceive, what you believe, and the way you think (about your past, your present and future) IS what creates your future!

How to Reset Your Perspective to Support Your Best Life Now!

I want you to imagine there are no dates on a calendar, there is no time on the clock, and there is no “year ahead” in fact.

I want you to imagine for a moment stripping away all the man-made structures that we use to track time, to measure our lives, to monitor our activities, our circumstances, our responsibilities, and our journey.

Instead I want you to think about yourself peacefully and powerfully standing in a field of energy, and you are free of everything else.

And that field of energy is intelligent, and responsive. It is listening to you, and it is waiting for you to tell it what you most want.

In that field where you stand, you’re a powerful creator. There is no time. There is no date to mark the day on a calendar. There is no “year”. There are no restrictions on you. There is no past you’re carrying. There’s just the present moment, you and that field of energy, and…

Held within that field of energy, all around you, are infinite possibilities.

Within that field, you have the ability to set intention about what you want. Choosing from the infinite possibilities, according to what is joyous and meaningful to you.

And you have the ability to broadcast that intention to the field of energy around you, and to have that energy mirror back to you what you’re intending.

The field of energy WANTS to interact with you in direct alignment with what you believe, think, feel, say and do. It wants to GIVE you your intention.

And, as you’re standing in that field of energy, imagine that you have the FREEDOM to create whatever you desire in a way that has NOTHING to do with what your life has been like in the past.

And nothing to do with how your life is at present. Imagine that you don’t have to consider your circumstances at all. And you don’t have to worry about “how” to make these things happen.

You just get to enjoy CHOOSING what you want, and FEELING GREAT about those choices.

And then imagine that you simply maintain that focus on what you want and you maintain that good feeling. And imagine that the field of energy begins responding to you…

It starts serving up goodness… support, synchronicities, helpful information, people, great timing, aligning things in your favor, and helping you to unfold into the results that you earlier set as your intention.

Such that soon you look around you, and what was before a field of energy, is now the life you once dreamed of, which has manifest around you as your actual, tangible reality.

Well… guess what?

Where you sit or stand right now, this very second, as you read this…

You’re in that field of energy as we speak.

You are exactly where you need to be right this second, if you LOOK BEYOND what you see.

Look beyond your past, beyond your circumstances now, and beyond your “I don’t know how” questions.

Look beyond the current structures of your life and this world.

Realize that beyond all of that, you’re a powerful creator living inside a powerful field of energy, which is also known as “the Universe”.

Right now you’re ready to rock and roll if you choose to HARNESS that power.

I hope I’ve triggered you to remember who you really are, and to remember the truth of the Universe you’re living in, and how you interact with it.

Never forget the simplicity of your ability to generate outcomes in your life as you prepare to enter a brand new year, filled with immense possibilities.

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