Are You on Autopilot? How to Be Consciously Conscious

Are you living on autopilot? Do you want to get truly present to witness the miracles that exist in your every day life? Let me share a powerful way to do this.

Firstly, as background, I live my life by following my intuition and following divine guidance from the Universe. I navigate both my personal and professional life successfully through this approach. It has led to powerful transformation and it is something I'm incredibly passionate about helping others to do as well.

After writing two books on this topic, documenting the very real and explosive changes (internally and externally) that resulted from this way of living, people often get in touch with me wanting to know what it takes in order to recognise the signals in their own life and how to tune into their own “inner voice”. After all, we are all equal, we are all from the universal oneness/source, and we are absolutely, categorically all guided with signals/signs from the Universe. That is fact. The only question is whether you believe that to be true and if you do, whether you are willing to follow that guidance.

How to notice signs/signals in your life isn't rocket science. It all boils down to one word. Awareness! We spend so much of our life lost in our heads, subject to the endless array of thoughts that trickle through our minds, thinking about the past and the future, without much awareness of the present moment.

My tip for anyone wanting to become more present in their life, to truly notice the undeniable magic surrounding them every day (and to witness any signals calling for their attention), is to practise being consciously conscious. That's what I write about in my book Pinch Me in the “What It Takes” chapter.

Being consciously conscious means not living on auto-pilot. How often do you drive or walk to work and not recall the trip, or do a task and realise you're finished and you can't recall what you did?

We have habits and they run like programs in our mind that keep us functioning like robots and our presence in the “now moment” is completely lost – our minds wander to thinking about past or lingering in the future. To be consciously conscious awaken your 5 senses – really smell the smells, really see the sights, really hear the noises, feel what you touch and taste the tastes in your day to day life.

This simple practise lifts your awareness powerfully, letting you savour each moment. Your life is not happening in the past or the future. It is happening RIGHT NOW! If you are too pre-occupied in your head, you will literally miss your own life. Pay attention, lest it passes you by. By practising heightened awareness of your 5 senses, your presence helps develop your 6th sense of intuition. The more present you are, the quieter the mind, the clearer and louder the inner voice becomes.

If you are interested in this concept of presence and intuition for navigating your life to create inner peace, freedom and success, personally and professionally, you may enjoy reading further on this topic in this article: Out With Old-School Work Paradigms

Warmest wishes, Bernadette

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