If ever you want to bounce back from a bad day, the kind of day where:

  • You wish you could hit rewind
  • When you didn't achieve what you wanted
  • When you feel like giving up
  • And you start talking negatively to yourself, making things worse…

REMEMBER – there will always be days like this, and you can powerfully shake it off IF you have the right empowered mindset.

Here's a new way of looking at your life so you can quickly reset from a bad day and bounce back stronger, wiser and ready to start again!

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How to Bounce Back from a Bad Day

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2 Responses

  1. This is very true. However, you will need to suffer the repercussions of any actions you made the previous day or days. You can start over but not everyone else will.

    1. Hey MaryAnn, yes when the “Bad Day” is because you took actions that caused harm to yourself and/or others, part of bouncing back is also cleaning up the mess. We can reset, but the conscious and compassionate thing to do is to forgive ourselves, clean up the mess with whatever communication or action is appropriate and then move forward. Thanks for bringing this particular type of situation into the conversation, a worthy thing to note! Blessings, Bernadette

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