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Being judged by others can be a painful experience.

It's one of the few things that is guaranteed to evoke a seriously strong emotional reaction in most people.

That's because it hits the ego (and the heart!) hard.

The judgement of others can send us into frustration, anger, hate, hurt, insecurity, fear or despair.

And being judged is actually unavoidable, right?

You can't control what other people think, say or do.

We learn all too quickly in life that everyone gets to have their own beliefs and opinions, and we can't stop them from voicing those.

Sometimes those beliefs and opinions will contradict our own.

And… sometimes those beliefs and opinions might cause them to tell us that what we're doing is “wrong” according to them.

So, how do we deal with being judged by others?

Life isn't about avoiding people who are judgmental.

Because the cold hard facts are… almost everyone IS judgmental!

Even you and me, from time to time! True, right?

We fall into judgement of others so easily.

And even when we're choosing to live consciously and doing our very best to be loving, sometimes our egos take over and we accidentally find ourselves being judgmental.

So rather than thinking it's possible to AVOID being judged by others, you're much better to accept that it happens sometimes, and equip yourself with powerful new perspectives to help yourself deal with that judgement in a conscious, calm and detached way.

In this video about being judged, I'm sharing a personal experience of how I got triggered when a stranger judged me on a topic that really hit a raw nerve! And how I dealt with this and learned from it.

You can use this same approach next time you're being judged by someone…

How to Deal with Being Judged by Others

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Tips on How to Deal with Being Judged

  • It's not about you, it's about them.
  • It doesn't matter what they think, it matters what you think.
  • You don't have to convince them of anything.
  • You don't need them to know the truth, you need to remind yourself of the truth.
  • You don't need them to accept you or the situation, you need to come to your own acceptance of yourself and the situation.
  • You can't stop them judging, so focus all your energy on detaching.
  • AND… whenever you get REALLY triggered by someone judging you, consider that perhaps you're so upset because it hit a raw nerve. That raw nerve might be something you were already feeling insecure about. If so, then someone's judgement is just LIFE SHOWING YOU WHAT YOU NEED TO HEAL WITHIN.

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