How to Deal With a Bad Day or Sad Day

Recently I had one of those “bad days” where you wish life would just rewind and start again.

And it made me quite sad, my heart felt heavy.

To deal with this I really had to pause and think carefully about HOW to manage the situation and my feelings, in order to gracefully move through it and forward.

I thought I'd share what happened and my approach, in case it's useful for you on any bad days (or sad days) you might face…

While the day started off well, my heart sank when I realized a loved one was sick and in pain, out of the blue. When you can't control a situation, and it's causing pain to someone you love, it can be difficult to remain rationale and graceful.

Then, we had a minor issue in a property we were staying in. Unfortunately the process of liaising with the property managers and owner to get it resolved was not so minor. In fact, a few things occurred that made me feel quite sad about people (which in my sadness I exaggerated to be “sad about humanity”).

Now – facts are facts. The day wasn't good. Certain things happened and there is no way of sugar coating it to be “fine”. However, to live with grace means:

  • To accept the is-ness of these moments and situations
  • To find a way to ALLOW your feelings of upset without setting up camp in them and letting them take over, by observing then releasing the feelings in order to move forward.
  • Not allowing isolated incidents to color your view of the bigger picture of people, life or this world.

So – the MOST IMPORTANT POINT in sharing all of this is – what did I DO to move forward?

How to Deal with a Bad Day / Sad Day – 4 Practical Tips

1. Tapping

After doing my favorite “go to” for releasing the difficult feelings, EFT Tapping, which is always my first step (if you're not familiar with Tapping, click here for a how-to article so you can try it out), then I decided to do a few more things that always make me feel better…

2. Self Sooth

The second step was – clean the apartment, LOL! ????I do this because it's something I can control, and it also feels soothing and therapeutic in some strange way. Most of us have something positive and productive we can do that we uniquely like, which helps us to feel better in situations like this.

3. Be of Service

On a more serious note, the third step was this – BE OF SERVICE TO SOMEONE ELSE.

The quickest way out of funk for me, is to apply myself (heart and mind) in serving others. So whether I help someone in my personal life, or I do my work for my coaching and education program clients, or help someone in our community with free resources on our website – I USE MY ENERGY TO SERVE.

???? Because there's one certain way out of darkness and that's to turn your light on.

YOUR light can guide you out of any challenges you face or bad days. And your light can serve as a support to others around you at the same time. As Hafiz so famously wrote…

I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in the darkness, the astonishing light of your own being. – Hafiz

4. Name Your Blessings

A fourth thing that made a helpful difference, was I asked myself, “On this bad/sad day, can I see any blessings?”

The answer, of course, was yes. On reflecting, I noticed that 2 strangers I had crossed paths with randomly on this “bad day” were IMMENSELY kind and helpful toward me, for no reason (maybe not such a bad day after all!). Plus, I acknowledged that my family and my husband are the most amazing souls I could have been planted on this earth with. ????

Final Reflection

Despite the very natural occurrence of tough days from time to time, and the very natural human emotions that come with that, let's never forget that:

  • Life is beautiful (even though it's messy).
  • Life has a divine unfolding that we can't always see or understand at the time.
  • Humanity is filled with love and goodness, despite not always having evidence of that around us.
  • And when all of us turn our lights on, the world is a better place for it.

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How to Deal With a Bad Day or Sad Day

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