When we stop fighting the internal voices and start listening to them, we begin to be capable of profound change. – Sarah Peyton

In this session with Sarah Peyton, we discuss how to transform the inner critic to compassionate advocate.

Sarah is the author of “Your Resonant Self”, an international speaker and neuroscience educator dedicated to helping you transform your brain into a kinder, cozier place to live!

Tune in below as Sarah provides you specific responses you can use if a critical inner voice arises, to support healing, calm and self compassion.

How to Respond to Your Inner Critic

I believe in the power of resonance to change the world. Through my live events, online courses, and bestselling book, I help people see that our brains makes sense, and that those things we’ve thought of as emotional difficulties or character defects are actually very normal reactions to relational, cultural and intergenerational trauma.

One of the things I’m often asked is “how does learning about neuroscience help us heal?”

Once we start learning about neuroscience we find out how emotional trauma creates self-blame and isolation, and gets in the way of gentleness with the self. We often think we are broken, that we have character flaws, when in actuality we make perfect sense, given the challenging experiences of aloneness, isolation, relational trauma and more that characterize most modern, capitalist colonial cultures. We humans are uniquely vulnerable to emotional harm, but we are also uniquely available to hold each other and ourselves with warmth and resonance in ways that re-establish real relationship and engage our brains’ capacity for healing. – Sarah Peyton.

Connect with Sarah

You can connect with Sarah on her website here for details on her book and other resources.

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How to Respond to Your Inner Critic

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