10 Powerfully Positive Perspectives for a Better Life & a Better World

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Being positive is not about denying difficu​​​​​lties in life, rather it’s about choosing to be empowered in the face of them. Here are 10 powerfully positive perspectives you can use to support a better life for yourself and your loved ones, while also contributing to a better world for all.

♥  Gratitude

There are many blessings in my life, if I’m willing to actively look for them. Gratitude is the gateway to my peace and happiness, and so I say to myself…

I am grateful for the blessings, large or small, that I see around me each day.

♥  Self Love, Self Belief & Confidence

I know that when every person is born they are beautiful, whole and complete, including me. So I say to myself…

I deeply love, accept and believe in myself.

♥  Connection & Love

I know there is a flow to life, where I’m drawn to the people who may love and support me, and who I may in turn also love and support, and so I say to myself…

I am drawn like a magnet to where I belong, and those I am here to connect with are drawn like magnets to me.

♥  Relationships & Conflict

I know from a higher perspective that there’s an optimal outcome in every situation for all involved, even if I can’t see it, and so I say to myself…

May the highest good be done for all.

♥  Acceptance & Understanding

I appreciate that while some people are different and I may not agree with their beliefs or behavior, we can co-exist peacefully if we choose to, and so I say to myself…

I give other people the space to be themselves, and accept them as they are.

♥  Forgiveness & Letting Go

I know that to have freedom and peace means to forgive and let go of the past, and so I say to myself…

I forgive all that has gone before and I wish only peace, health and happiness for myself and others.

♥  Peace During Change & Uncertainty

Whenever unexpected or undesirable things happen outside of my control, I acknowledge that this is part of life and I have a choice about my emotional response, so I say to myself…

This is happening and I choose peace.

♥  Through Deep Adversity

I realize that the moments of deep adversity in life are when I’m shaped into the person I’m destined to be, and so I say to myself…

I accept what I’m going through. This adversity will be the making of me. Diamonds are formed under pressure.

♥  Patience & Trust

I trust in the unfolding of my life, that I’m always right where I need to be and so I say to myself…

I choose to live each day with ease, grace and flow, knowing with certainty that I am on track.

♥  Empowerment for Positive Change

I recognize that I have the power to create my life and any positive changes, and that this starts from within through what I believe, think and choose, and so I say to myself…

I consciously and proactively create my own reality.

Your attitude is everything! These 10 powerfully positive perspectives support you to have a positive attitude for a better life and a better world. To download the free guide visit https://www.thedailypositive.com/positive-perspectives/

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