The Energetic Truth About Holding a Grudge, Resentment & Judgement

We're talking about the energy of holding a grudge, resentment, judgement or negativity toward other people.

Where we might feel like we need to hold others to account, punish them, right the “wrongs”, instead we really want to step back and take a moment to understand the cost of this and what is really going on with that energy.

The more you understand your energy, the more you'll willingly forgive, let go, move on, and have intention to live in peace.

I'd love to hear from you on this topic – your comments, experiences, or questions. So please do leave a comment below…

Love, Bernadette

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6 Responses

  1. I just can’t thank you enough for ALL of your videos and articles, B! You have helped me at a really difficult time in my life, so thank you a hundred times over! This video was especially helpful to figure out the payback I have been getting from hanging onto resentment. I’m going to work on letting go. And I definitely want to buy your book!

  2. Dear B,

    I am being punished, I don’t do this to others. But I am right now experiencing this from a mean really mean boss.

    No matter what I do, how Hard I try, she perpetually hits me. I am suffering as a result because I am forever boxed.

    The “pay back” is painful on me. I try so hard to deal with her with kindness yet she keeps putting me down.

    1. Hey Rose, I hear you, and sometimes we do have to face the reality of a situation that a person is so toxic and bad for us to be around that we may have to leave the situation. Of course if we want to be there for other reasons and benefits, and it’s just this one person causing issues, we can do our best to resolve the situation by shifting our own energy and behavior, by having boundaries, by direct communication to raise and resolve the behavior, but ultimately we can’t control other people. There are times when after trying your best to make it work, and nothing changes, you have to simply walk away. You will know in your own gut if that is the case for you. I hope when you said she “hits” you, you were referring to bad communication, verbal, emotional and not physical violence. While the former (verbal and emotional) is also not okay, there is space to work on potential resolution through certain strategies or to walk away. If it was physical hitting, I would recommend you exit the situation immediately. With love, B

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