When Your Loved Ones Don’t Support Your Choices

You may find yourself making choices in your life that your family or friends just don't understand, agree with or support.

It can be tough to go against the grain of what all your loved ones do and what they expect, or to go against society's norms.

Naturally we look to those close to us for acceptance and encouragement. If we don't get it, it can bring up anxiety, fear and doubt.

Lack of support may show up in the following ways:

  • Asking lots of unhelpful or negatively oriented questions.
  • Telling you they think what you're doing is wrong.
  • Proposing worst case scenarios of all the negative things that might happen.
  • Projecting their own fears and limiting beliefs at you (explaining why they wouldn't do what you're doing).
  • Trying to convince you to change your direction/choices.
  • Comments that make you feel unequipped, unprepared for or incompetent to do whatever it is you want to do.

All of this is certainly enough to make you doubt and second guess yourself.

Worse yet… their lack of support may be enough to stop you from living your life aligned to what is truly heart-led and right for you.

But ignoring your own needs and intuition, and following the dictates of others, is a rocky road to regret and resentment.

While objective feedback and questions from loved ones can be very helpful (giving our decisions some testing and rigour), what isn't helpful is pure fear mongering, control, manipulation and expectations being forced upon us.

In this Daily Inspiration video are important reminders for times like this – tips that will help you to remain calm, stay focused on what you know is right for you, so that any lack of support won't sabotage your journey…

What to Remember When Loved Ones Don't Support Your Choices

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When Your Loved Ones Don\'t Support Your Choices

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  1. Thanks B, some great tips. Sometimes when you blaze your own trail you are going to lose people in the process. But this leaves room for people who are really going to get you and accept you for whatever decisions you make in life.

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